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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board. ## Mod ## 09/10/16 Вск 18:32:39 616 Ответ
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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board.

There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Please, abstain from using this board as your file hosting. Due to ban on suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above.


Thank you for attention.

can i post here? Anonymous  01/07/22 Птн 06:40:58 100610 Ответ
1632318527745.jpg 31Кб, 720x720
can i post here?
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Anonymous  02/07/22 Суб 12:21:22 100644
Вот поэтому доступ и запрещен, расист ебучий.
Anonymous  02/07/22 Суб 21:18:08 100648
1112222.JPG 10Кб, 959x78
Anonymous  03/07/22 Вск 08:39:24 100649
15962984766390.gif 140Кб, 112x112
Anonymous  03/07/22 Вск 09:04:04 100650
Anonymous  03/07/22 Вск 15:29:02 100657
>>100610 (OP)
My comment banned everyone. Shit place for speech.
Imagine die welt without op-pic Anonymous  03/07/22 Вск 14:07:20 100656 Ответ
7730b61adbc3253[...].jpeg 120Кб, 1024x767
Imagine die welt without op-pic
The cruellest prankster in Ukraine, Major Chernobaev Just griefing, or running an efficient psyop? Discuss Anonymous  10/06/22 Птн 15:43:36 100179 Ответ
Risitas[1].jpg 37Кб, 337x449
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Anonymous  01/07/22 Птн 02:54:49 100606
Anonymous  01/07/22 Птн 16:20:37 100621
Prank calling the people who have invaded you is too far is it. Get a grip, frog.
Anonymous  02/07/22 Суб 01:14:50 100629
You wanna play this ? I'm kind of bored lately, give me your adress and we will see who has the biggest grip
Anonymous  02/07/22 Суб 08:22:43 100634
Anonymous  03/07/22 Вск 11:31:50 100655
Avatar thread Anonymous  08/02/21 Пнд 20:44:03 74553 Ответ
grafik.png 48Кб, 600x600
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Anonymous  01/05/22 Вск 13:01:22 98218
pikrilejted.png 134Кб, 600x600
Anonymous  02/07/22 Суб 15:06:24 100645
download2022070[...].png 101Кб, 600x600
Anonymous  03/07/22 Вск 09:26:57 100651
image 85Кб, 412x402
image 23Кб, 637x288
Anonymous  03/07/22 Вск 09:53:26 100653
Anonymous  03/07/22 Вск 11:14:20 100654
SHITCELTS Anonymous  02/06/22 Чтв 12:49:50 99718 Ответ
image 322Кб, 1080x844
image 115Кб, 460x368
image 108Кб, 958x1048
image 478Кб, 1080x898
Why english and other west europeans thinks that they are germans if they are genetically shitcelts? They are cuckolds?
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Anonymous  22/06/22 Срд 17:49:33 100447
>>99718 (OP)
They are mix of tribes including germanic anglo saxons also neanderthal subhumans
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 23:41:20 100601
Anonymous  01/07/22 Птн 13:24:01 100620
Screenshot20220[...].png 271Кб, 1080x1024
Anonymous  01/07/22 Птн 22:53:06 100628
Have you tried taking meds as prescribed?
Anonymous  03/07/22 Вск 09:52:08 100652
heshe was say meds to anyone, propably a jewproxy on prescription drugs projekting
forever #Ukraine is a #racism people Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 20:46:56 100599 Ответ
18March2022Mosc[...].png 858Кб, 768x474

#Ukraine is a #racism people
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 20:50:41 100600
Anonymous  01/07/22 Птн 00:24:55 100604
persia3.jpeg 90Кб, 944x633
persia4.jpeg 62Кб, 800x429
Gloire à la Perse libre!
Anonymous  02/07/22 Суб 01:21:03 100631
Anonymous  02/07/22 Суб 17:48:55 100646
435342675.jpg 611Кб, 1200x799
#Ave #Xerox!
Anonymous  02/07/22 Суб 20:56:54 100647
You are a stupid. My english is good baguette boy
America Number One Anonymous  02/07/22 Суб 11:07:17 100642 Ответ
1654687865987.png 851Кб, 1024x912
Hey you ruskie bastards, I just wanted to let you know that us Americans have developed a secret weapon that will defeat you in Ukraine once and for all. The weapon parts are being assembled in Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon, Los Angeles California, San Francisco California, Oakland California, San Diego California, Buffalo New York, New York New York, Austin Texas, Boston Massachusetts, Chicago Illinois, Detroit Michigan, New Orleans Louisiana, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Baltimore Maryland, Minneapolis Minnesota, St. Louis Missouri, Denver Colorado, and of course Washington D.C. you will never stop us and you will never be able to nuke all of these cities. Because you would need to turn each one of them into radioactive glass to ensure the survival of Russia. EVERY SINGLE ONE.
Please Anonymous  02/07/22 Суб 11:11:02 100643
Nuking Houston Texas, Dallas Texas, St. Paul Minnesota, and Spokane Washington too wouldn't hurt your chances for survival... Just saying.
>biblically accurate angels >soul vs soulless >nintendo is the only developer Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 01:50:16 100575 Ответ
8301 - angry an[...].gif 468Кб, 577x474
>biblically accurate angels
>soul vs soulless
>nintendo is the only developer making games not movies
>immersive sims
>gameplay loop
>____: a critique
>the rise and fall of ____
>a good ____ but a bad ____
>eceleb "drama"
>racing games
>so bad it's good
>board culture
>worker's rights
>story in a game is like story in a porn movie... It's not that important
>trust the science
>biblical references are bad
>just let people enjoy things
>lesbians are based
>trans rights
>prostitution should be legalized
>its called being a decent human being
>fact checking
>board games
>popular bad - not popular good
>drugs should be legal
>male manipulator
>tv show
>a fucking pandemic
>it's almost as if
>international laws
>antibullying laws
>true communism just hasn't been tried yet
>Pewdiepie said nigger, he is based
>Black Lives Matter
>maybe, just maybe
>sexual assault
>educate yourself
>rape is bad even though women love it
>slice of life
>you can't just criticize what you don't like
>likable characters
>pirating indie games is immoral
>its fun with friends
>abortion is not a murder
>you don't shout fire in a crowded theater
>/tv/ is a bad board
>racism outside /b/ not allowed
>christianity/mormonism/scientology is just like a cult
>only aggressive niggers are bad
>who hurt you
>if you hate something, that means you actually like it
>old good - new bad
>I don't really care about politics, it makes me unhappy
>it's not rocket science
>wow, just wow
>reporting soijak spammers isnt reddit
>it's ok to watch cartoons as an adult
>jumpscares = bad
>John Wick
>literally me
>mental illness
>trope threads
>toxic masculinity
>reject modernity
>vote with your wallet
>it's ok to cry to movies
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 14:54:13 100590
>>100575 (OP)
>worker's rights
>trust the science
>biblical references are bad
>international laws
>true communism just hasn't been tried yet
>abortion is not a murder
>christianity/mormonism/scientology is just like a cult
What's wrong?
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 23:42:28 100602
1613460947800.gif 1871Кб, 306x306
>>worker's rights
>>trust the science
>>biblical references are bad
>>international laws
>>true communism just hasn't been tried yet
>>abortion is not a murder
>>christianity/mormonism/scientology is just like a cult
>What's wrong?
Anonymous  01/07/22 Птн 05:10:29 100607
??? xD by God, you people really are fucking idiots xD
Anonymous  01/07/22 Птн 20:32:25 100626
image.png 56Кб, 290x174
Anonymous  02/07/22 Суб 01:17:04 100630
⠀⠀⠀⠑⡀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⡔⠁
Why do Russians dislike Navalny and fear Democracy? Anonymous  10/07/21 Суб 20:55:40 85268 Ответ
54645210401.jpg 33Кб, 700x394

Also, why do Russians seem to generally dislike and distrust America? Shifty as we may be we're not going to take away your autonomy like your own leader has.

If you use Iraq and Libya as exampes of the USA's failures, you realize causing chaos and striking terror there was the goal. They were revenge missions against leaders that had defied American hegemony or gotten Americans killed. Syria was never going to succeed, but it did scare Bashar and all the other dictators enough that they now behave and know their days are numbered. Honestly in the future we should just set up governer-generals like Macarthur in Japan for long periods of time after interventions

So what reason do you have to not join the free world Russiabros?
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Anonymous  27/06/22 Пнд 04:40:37 100522
Anonymous  27/06/22 Пнд 11:28:42 100524
apusuurennoslasi.png 103Кб, 657x527
>>85268 (OP)
Navalnyi is a FSB-plot. He is a plan-B in case everything goes to shit, and the relations to West must be restored immediately.

Prove me wrong. (Please do, I want to believe in Navalnyi.)
Anonymous  27/06/22 Пнд 14:15:11 100525
Fuck off commi. Poster 1917 year. Real communism fear democracy because, usa democracy country.
Anonymous  27/06/22 Пнд 14:49:26 100526
изображение.png 147Кб, 607x446
> Poster 1917 year
You don't know what 1917 is, huh? Are you stupid? It's not the year when the poster was drawn, it's the year of the October Revolution.

You falsely claimed Soviet propaganda was saying "democracy evil", I proved you wrong.
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 13:26:43 100587
I hate Navalny. He has big tits and he turned opposition into clowns.
How do they taste ? Anonymous  18/05/22 Срд 02:29:28 99002 Ответ
1652823953873.jpg 113Кб, 1024x879
How do they taste ?
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Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 20:09:29 100598
Fake Pole who is actually Russian xD "went" from Argentina to the UK and back to Argentina in one day. BeCaUsE hE iS sO rIcH hE cAn aLloW iT xD xD with free proxies, that's it. This coping through flexing is cringe xD
Anonymous  01/07/22 Птн 05:12:16 100608
Cope harder you poor piece of shit xD xD I wonder why I have never got banned for using a proxy? xD
Anonymous  01/07/22 Птн 05:13:02 100609
Also, you retard, I was on my mobile data xD fucking imbecile my god xD
Anonymous  01/07/22 Птн 09:35:15 100613
But you have got banned and you have your posts deleted.
Calm down, Russkie.
Anonymous  01/07/22 Птн 11:00:33 100615
We usually call such ruski "cuck-hole", very simple.
I hate my fucking faggot country poland for tolerating faggotry russia is more based when it comes for hating on lgbt sickos Anonymous  03/06/22 Птн 05:29:37 99851 Ответ
miesionc-dumy.jpg 1709Кб, 2000x3303
I hate my fucking faggot country poland for tolerating faggotry
russia is more based when it comes for hating on lgbt sickos
Anonymous  03/06/22 Птн 05:32:14 99852
>>99851 (OP)
Your polish brothers are oinking on this board now. Catch them right now!
Anonymous  23/06/22 Чтв 10:28:21 100463
>>99851 (OP)
Hate about lgbt. Its propoganda putin, no more.
For this, you will spend your whole life in poverty and the russian elite will accept all lgbt minorities. You just won' t have a voice anymore. It will be imossible for poor to have lgbt rights, because you will join the army to die for the interests of the government.
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 19:05:40 100595
>>99851 (OP)
No you shizo, in the russia you will get raped by kadirovtsy and they will claim themselves a straight people and you will be labeled as fuckin gay.
If you will say something about white race what Party dislike (e.g. - that chechens and churkas are fucken muslim and non-white) you will be jailed. And then raped. While raping you they will tell you how they hate all you fuckin fags and anti-white traitors.

Deal with it
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 20:02:29 100597
Buy vaseline, I'll fuck delusional white supremacy ideas out of you, my pee pee's white juice will be your favorite drink.
>>99851 (OP)
You too, I'll make you both my sweety boys and take care of your itchy holes in a based, heterosexual way.
Pilgrimage Anonymous  17/06/22 Птн 00:43:24 100363 Ответ
peregrinosfotoo[...].jpg 125Кб, 1024x576
280188549714538[...].jpg 123Кб, 900x473
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Anonymous  20/06/22 Пнд 14:19:21 100400
How often do you need logistic (I suppose food/drinks) support? At least here it's not a problem to find trails that go less than 10 km through the forest and then "return" to the road, where you can find that support. Also, in Austria there's really a lot of "mountain shelters", which are (at least around Vienna) basically like countryside restaurants+hotels, where you can rest and buy food - no idea about Portugal, though.

About hills I agree, though. Walking uphill is much more difficult. (Downhill also sucks when your knees are already tired. On the other hand, walking on a dirt road is much nicer for the knees than on a paved road.)
Anonymous  25/06/22 Суб 02:01:54 100498
Acidente-peregr[...].jpg 39Кб, 744x495
georgiano2.png 882Кб, 1016x1000
georgiano.png 752Кб, 1137x920
It's elderly people and middle-aged. You need logistical stops around the way. They store food, medicine, fridge with drinks.

There was only 1 Principal road route during dictatorship from Porto (or Oporto like Spanish and English faggots say) to Lisbon. The pilgrims got used walking alongside the national road. But after dictatorship, it got upgraded to Complementary Route - 90 km/h plus cars were upgraded and pilgrims kept using it in mass until 2015.

Plus in 2015, there was a mass runover by Georgian- Ukrainian immigrant at 03:45 a.m. of Portuguese group people walking alongside that 90 km/h route. It was a massacre of 5 dead and the Georgian was drunk.

Then there was much caution and warnings. In the next year, the national gendarmarie even cut one road lane and started publicising the trails - that alternative route. Alas they even spent European Union funds in that.

Why I brought this thread because where I live - near are a lot of pilgrims using the alternative route with trails and that 90 km/h - asked to myself if Orthodox people have those pilgrimages too.
Anonymous  25/06/22 Суб 09:27:16 100500
Стикер 26Кб, 56x56
Anonymous  25/06/22 Суб 18:33:16 100506
> It's elderly people and middle-aged.
I'm also middle-aged, lol.

But OK, I just wondered why they walk on the roads, but they obviously have different goals (reaching the destination faster rather than just spending time nicely, while being physically active) and different physical abilities.

By the way, your original photos show daytime, while this article is about middle of the night. Do they walk (nearly) 24 hours non-stop, or is it just that different groups prefer different time of the day/night?
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 19:49:00 100596
It's already hot and blazing sun during lunch hours in May. Some may choose to walk around night.
Putins sickness Anonymous  21/04/22 Чтв 18:59:56 97569 Ответ
e4c973a746f699da.mp4 304Кб, 426x240, 00:00:09
Okay now it is clear Putin is having some neurological symptoms. For 11 minutes he is squeezing the table to hide his shivering. His face looks swollen as fuck and muscle stiffness symptons are clearly visible. Parkinsons was mentioned in media alreadyin 2015? My father had parkinsons and to be honest the symtoms match 100% of his symptoms 5-7 years after diagnosis.

Hypothetically speaking. IF Putins neurological symptoms would go further on the cognitive level and he slowly went delusional. Talking about nonexistent enemies in delirium, suddenly seeing nazis in all countries. What do you think most of his supporters would do? How far should it go until they start questioning him? It seems that he is a tsar like god to many. What would actually happen in Kremlin when people realize he is not cognitively capable anymore?
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Anonymous  29/06/22 Срд 22:34:33 100573

>flag: UK xD

Die xD just fucking die xD kill yourself xD
Anonymous  29/06/22 Срд 22:39:38 100574
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 12:11:16 100584
I don't know why I'm answering to this, but "Rosstat". Look it up.
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 15:06:35 100591
Are you implying that Rosstat would tell us how many old people die due to winter conditions?
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 16:33:53 100593
It tells how many people die due to various diseases and traumas, it doesn't mention how many of them live in a private house without heating or homeless, so, no, it wouldn't, you'd have done a separate study for that. But there is data on what share of people have what way of heating.
The righteous individuals in Russia Anonymous  05/05/22 Чтв 16:26:34 98468 Ответ
värväystoimisto[...].mp4 6021Кб, 264x480, 00:01:47
Hey, anons!

I just wanted to tell you, that I cannot put it into words how much I admire and respect the Russians who do everything destroy Putin's regime. You are true freedom fighters, and you don't only fight for your country, but also for the better world. You are a sign that Russia hasn't yet gone 100% crazy. I expect rest of the Russia to join you, once you show them example. More power to you.

Thank you. My prayers are with you.

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Anonymous  29/06/22 Срд 14:59:53 100567
Is this a copypasta from reddit? Familiar style.
Anonymous  29/06/22 Срд 15:21:42 100569
1656502723524[1].jpg 105Кб, 828x881
Anonymous  29/06/22 Срд 18:15:38 100570

It's not, but I woundn't surprise if there was somewhat the same.

Seriously, what should we praise them for? Before they show their faces, political balance was equal - politics robbed people, people pity politics. It was far from a healthy society, but at least we had free internet, much less censorship in media and all means and instruments to claim for some alternative. And what did they claimed? They constantly keep claiming all but themselves "bydlo", forcing the idea in every place they reach, behaving like a fucking sect, being toxic dickheads towards people they share the citizenship with. They could have given some idea that will unite people, like commies did in the end of Russian Empire era. Instead, they keep shitting their post-irony that "the only way for russian salvation is nuclear purification, falling apart is all that Russia deserves".

Important note here: I blame not even Navalniy or other opposition leaders and evangelists. I blame their direct followers, the ordinary people. It's like with commies: what was written in Marx's "Capital", what was claimed by Lenin, and what we ended up in eventually were three different things: evangelists give ideas, executives corrupt them. Even if we take as an axiom that the opposition evangelists' motives were sincere, it'd just mean that they didn't take into account the nature of people they strive to unite: evil, jealous and greedy. Those people claim they are higher than bydlo, but in fact, they are just the same, the only difference is their erudition, erudition that might eventually break the loop after a couple of generations if applied more softly and tolerably. But they gained it not for fixing things, they gained it under the urge desire of "not being like them", flee from them to the place where everything is fine already. In the end, opposition failed to unite people, it separated them, separated hard. And effect we got now is completely the opposite - one part of people united around a demagogue, who promised protection from these dickheads (and kept this insane promise), and the other part just fled and signed themselves apart from "being Russians", which literally just mean fled away from the responsibility for the shithole we all ended up in.
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 03:30:36 100578
>>98468 (OP)
You literally have a cosplayer as your head of state. Nobody should take you and your sorry ass country seriously faggot
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 04:02:08 100580
You disgusting fucking r*ssian piece of shit xD we will find you and kill you xD
Help me russians Anonymous  14/06/22 Втр 05:12:42 100269 Ответ
876.png 378Кб, 1006x1265
Real talk now. How does one get themselves a Russian girlfriend. All help would be appreciated.
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Пропущено 13 постов.
Anonymous  24/06/22 Птн 00:20:30 100474
You want a house slave! You are a disgusting dicked scum! I hate you!
Anonymous  24/06/22 Птн 02:28:51 100476
Cmon dude
Anonymous  24/06/22 Птн 06:04:45 100478
Nice feelings you have there m8.
Anonymous  24/06/22 Птн 17:37:52 100494
I am not that cruel. I believe in equality atleast in most parts :)

She was smart but I would prefer someone arpund the 20s range
Anonymous  30/06/22 Чтв 02:08:34 100576
>>100269 (OP)
Hello, russian women pro here. After many years of experience with russian women I have developped a very complicated but working way to date russian women, here it is showed step by step :

Step one :(VERY IMPORTANT, DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP) Approach russian woman
Step two : Speak to russian woman
Step three : Organize a date with a russian woman
Step 0.5 (optionnal) : If you want to make it easier, you can go to places where russian women are easy to find, such as Russia.

Congratulations, you got a russian woman. You deserve a medal bernd !
Bydlo thread Anonymous  14/01/22 Птн 13:09:50 91160 Ответ
2B2C69CB-ABB6-4[...].jpeg 135Кб, 800x600
Post bydlo from your own country here
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Anonymous  29/06/22 Срд 01:56:05 100552
>>91160 (OP)
Behave yourself or your bydlo will become our bydlo soon.
Anonymous  29/06/22 Срд 02:56:38 100554
Russkie, stop this silly act. You are a Slav either way, and we both know what Slavic group you're actually of. Don't come any closer, or I'll have to defend my good-smelling mattress by all means available.
Anonymous  29/06/22 Срд 12:45:44 100562
Chavs have been largely replaced by white kids listening to drill music and dressing in a cleaner style of tracksuit, they are not the same.
Anonymous  29/06/22 Срд 13:06:09 100563
Anonymous  29/06/22 Срд 15:02:33 100568
Who is more dangerous, Russians or Ukrainians? Anonymous  28/04/22 Чтв 07:48:02 97989 Ответ
スクリーンショット 2022-[...].png 187Кб, 373x259
Who is more dangerous, Russians or Ukrainians?
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Anonymous  07/06/22 Втр 12:12:21 100115
>>97989 (OP)
they are the same people. ukranians are russians
Anonymous  13/06/22 Пнд 08:47:42 100230
Anonymous  25/06/22 Суб 18:41:19 100507
well germans say poles, ukranians and russia are same scum which must be killed. untill recently no german knew what ukraine is
Anonymous  27/06/22 Пнд 00:47:09 100519
>>97989 (OP)
There is thread on where they literally discuss how to spread this fictional story about russian soldier who raped a child.

You can make a conclusion by yourself.
Anonymous  27/06/22 Пнд 09:47:27 100523
Доступ запрещен Anonymous  22/06/22 Срд 21:05:10 100449 Ответ
1654611112608.png 54Кб, 1000x500
Не заходил долгое время, а сегодня пытался ответить и на тебе доступ запрещен. Это мягкий бан, само пройдет или что такое?
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Anonymous  27/06/22 Пнд 01:20:15 100520
What, Argentina has annexed Poland now?
Anonymous  27/06/22 Пнд 15:06:13 100527
изображение.png 47Кб, 898x312
Q.E.D., the guy who compared kwas with his diarrhea was never Polish.
Anonymous  27/06/22 Пнд 18:23:28 100528
Anonymous  28/06/22 Втр 00:15:35 100530
I doubt that. It looks to me like you got banned and got all your posts deleted (screencap here - >>100527), and now you switched to another proxy.
Anonymous  28/06/22 Втр 02:19:21 100533
hello, can any russian help me here? i've been trying to find this song but Anonymous  26/06/22 Вск 02:35:07 100508 Ответ
riseup.webm 2443Кб, 400x224, 00:04:16
hello, can any russian help me here?
i've been trying to find this song but i don't know russian, so it's a hard job
i was wondering if any of you know the band's name or if you can type out a bit of the lyrics so i can look for it online, thanks
Anonymous  26/06/22 Вск 10:32:02 100509
>>100508 (OP)
It's not a band, just some dude playing with PC amp
Anonymous  28/06/22 Втр 03:58:26 100534
name theme  27/05/22 Птн 11:09:08 99498 Ответ
E48DC8D3-F92B-4[...].jpeg 70Кб, 1689x951
Impossible to run a moral town if God hates it.
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theme name  09/06/22 Чтв 12:51:21 100160
theme name  22/06/22 Срд 08:51:20 100437
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