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This board focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange.
Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board. ## Mod ## 09/10/16 Вск 18:32:39 616 Ответ
127Кб, 495x333

Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board.

There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Please, abstain from using this board as your file hosting. Due to ban on suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above.


Thank you for attention.

Udmurt. Anonymous  30/11/22 Срд 20:27:05 107210 Ответ
Udmurtilen Flag[...].png 3Кб, 1280x640
In this thread we discuss everything Udmurt.
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Anonymous  01/12/22 Чтв 20:07:31 107235
Anonymous  02/12/22 Птн 19:31:07 107263
I'm half-udmurt, half-russian.
But I don't know shit about language or traditions, tbh.
Anonymous  04/12/22 Вск 01:25:10 107306
Anonymous  04/12/22 Вск 15:45:57 107315
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 22:15:03 107460
Fuck yeah I want a picture. I go hard just from the thought.
RAID Anonymous  06/12/22 Втр 18:13:53 107358 Ответ
logo (1).png 13Кб, 1201x170
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Anonymous  06/12/22 Втр 21:56:27 107368
>Fucking Hindu, why are you so pathetic?)
You insulted them first.
Anonymous  06/12/22 Втр 22:47:03 107371
Anonymous  07/12/22 Срд 07:03:13 107383
No insult, just friendly banter, I even didn't call them pidors.
Anonymous  07/12/22 Срд 20:54:43 107394
हमे सद्भावना और कानून व्यवस्था का ज्ञान देने वाले आज पेले जा रहे है
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 22:13:35 107459
How difficult would it be for a foreigner to get a patriotic russian wife? I already support Russia Anonymous  08/12/22 Чтв 22:53:41 107423 Ответ
ВАЛЬКИРИЯ707314[...].mp4 1939Кб, 576x1246, 00:00:12
Mrnews716161343[...].mp4 4151Кб, 576x930, 00:00:19
🤍💙❤️РоСсИяНоЧкА[...].mp4 2451Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:10
How difficult would it be for a foreigner to get a patriotic russian wife? I already support Russia in the war and such. But these type of women want russians who serve in the military. Right?
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Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 00:36:33 107430
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 00:54:10 107431
Screenshot20221[...].jpg 513Кб, 1200x1165
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 13:29:14 107446
no i mean russian women are extremly rich now so they dont care about your bank-acc like many people thing "golddiggers"
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 16:07:56 107452
мощная расия.png 2780Кб, 1997x1278

What about (male) Russian women?
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 22:11:59 107458
sweden 6.jpg 100Кб, 798x436
Notorious Merchant of Death exchanged for a hapless stoner Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 06:13:22 107435 Ответ
bout.jpg 108Кб, 760x587
griner.jpg 117Кб, 960x717
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Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 12:30:19 107445
images (9).jpeg 11Кб, 180x280
1441785255бабий[...].jpg 116Кб, 749x511
hqdefault.jpg 26Кб, 480x360
p8tu2boblhc0cgo[...].jpg 60Кб, 440x440
The Western enslavers against whom we supplied weapons to our allies can hardly be called human. They are LGBT people
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 13:32:10 107447
>>107435 (OP)
Ебать, сколько она там зону потоптала, пару месяцев? А уже вся в партаках, как опытная зечка.
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 19:58:34 107455
American basketball is much tougher than zona - not only you get your tatoos, but also you have to do sex change
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 20:35:06 107456
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 20:39:30 107457
Очистка крови Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 19:56:09 107454 Ответ
16705160863812.mp4 11522Кб, 1280x720, 00:03:48
Urgent! A Moscow woman in this video repeatedly mention "очистку крови" - "blood cleaning", in the context of the work of janitors. I am not familiar with this slang. Anybody have any idea what this means? Sounds very promising and macabre. My best idea it means "do nothing"
theme name  09/12/22 Птн 17:46:00 107453 Ответ
3B0FE8AC-ED5A-4[...].png 686Кб, 618x1280
Why haven't you ordered a pinephone yet?

It can literally do some of the things your iphone/droid can do, and you won't get v& for looking at the wrong porn because you can literally just switch off power to the camera and mic.
Russia conscripts and sends to war foreign citizens Anonymous  04/12/22 Вск 06:58:50 107307 Ответ
povestkaforeign.jpg 276Кб, 960x878
This is a conscription order from Chelyabinsk. Third line from the bottom reads: "Bring the passport of RF (Russian Federation) or passport of another country". The two of these were given to Belorussian and Uzbek citizens.
Your face?

Stupid mocha deleted this thread today. What was the reason of this assplosion, mocha? Perhaps it is too inconvenient for your boss? Mocha, this is outside of your jurisdiction. You were assigned to this board to eat feces, not delete important material. Anyway, I'll just repost.
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Anonymous  08/12/22 Чтв 05:38:33 107403
16700357659480.mp4 1168Кб, 720x720, 00:00:22
Why is she angry at poor hamster?
Anonymous  08/12/22 Чтв 06:44:18 107405
Mother On The P[...].mp4 7285Кб, 1280x720, 00:03:34
These Russian mothers can certainly swear
Anonymous  08/12/22 Чтв 23:18:52 107425
tu-95broken.jpg 176Кб, 1920x1080
tu-95broken2.jpg 40Кб, 836x728
broke the head
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 13:39:52 107448
shes talking to ukranian "men"
"you put american bases on your soil, now you will get full programm and we will be living in same country"
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 14:59:41 107451
>shes talking to ukranian "men"
Do you have no eyes? She is angry at the hamster...
Hey poccner. How about sharing some of your good folk music with me? Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 14:13:42 107450 Ответ
Y2Mate.is - Вых[...].mp4 33939Кб, 1920x1080, 00:03:27
Hey poccner.
How about sharing some of your good folk music with me?
Practically all of the threads on /po/ are pro-SMO and attempt to show Russia is winning or bound to Anonymous  06/12/22 Втр 16:40:17 107350 Ответ
649.jpg 39Кб, 680x415
Practically all of the threads on /po/ are pro-SMO and attempt to show Russia is winning or bound to win against Ukraine.

Based on all previous ib experience I suspected outcast imageboard users even in Russia would resent and thus do the opposite of what the general consensus was in their country. Even on Polish imageboards it's far more common to mock Ukrainie supporters than to post in favor of war against Russia or in support of Ukraine, but Russian posters on /po/ simply echo the government message.

How do you explain this phenomena?
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Anonymous  06/12/22 Втр 17:47:28 107357
bright future.jpg 116Кб, 1000x640
>>107350 (OP)
>Even on Polish imageboards it's far more common to mock Ukrainie supporters
Sometimes there is no other option than to choose a lesser evil.
Anonymous  08/12/22 Чтв 00:02:43 107397
ukraińska szmat[...].mp4 509Кб, 480x270, 00:00:28
>>107350 (OP)
well, there is few things, one is official polish goverment opinion(fuck them they are cunts), there are russian haters opinion(fuck them too, they are the same slaves that forced covid19 medical experimental vaccines and wearing muzzles) and there is a normal Polish people opinion, wise Polish people remember what happen in Wołyń
tl dr fuck the ukropigs, for Poland its better than both of the sides exhaust each other in combat but if I must to stay with one side I sstay with russia
Anonymous  08/12/22 Чтв 05:37:31 107402
Lahta, lahta everywhere
Anonymous  08/12/22 Чтв 19:04:29 107420
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 14:04:12 107449
Нахуя это говно захватывать? После стольких лет вьебывания денег в развитие этих диких полей ни слова благодарности, сплошной пиздежь про оккупацию и людоедство русских варваров. Давно пора уже строжайший визовый режим с этими государствами вводить и никаких экономических контрактов. Все названия с ними связанные выпилить. Самоуважение вообще на дно уронили. Так и будем хавать, пока это дерьмо на нас вякает. Если уж они решили без России то давно уже пора не в одностороннем порядке это делать. Счастливы будут все
Я поддерживаю Путина и СВО. Лучше умреть в ходе славной войне чем стать incel. Нужно убить нациков 07/12/22 Срд 05:54:56 107376 Ответ
1669514341002261.jpg 39Кб, 410x420
Я поддерживаю Путина и СВО. Лучше умреть в ходе славной войне чем стать incel.
Нужно убить нациков и гомофашистов.

Liberal homos aren't allowing me to post on politka
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Anonymous  07/12/22 Срд 14:24:56 107386
Ну нормально же вроде общялись...
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 12:02:34 107440
sjXnrUwYBN4.jpg 186Кб, 960x720
Every civilized person in the world supports Russia. Russia is the only opportunity for humanity to get off the path at the end of which it will choke in its own shit or burn out in a global nuclear fire.
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 12:07:35 107441
scale1200 (2).jpeg 21Кб, 320x228
MK56270.jpg 551Кб, 1200x800
Even if you are a genetic fascist and hate freedom, then you still have to wish Russia victory in the confrontation with the West, if you do not want to die.

While the West is fighting to prolong the agony of its LGBT Reich, Russia is fighting for its very existence. And the Russians do not need a world in which there will be no Russia.
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 12:19:05 107443
03-260.jpg 72Кб, 366x433
We have taken responsibility for the fate of human civilization because there is no one else but us.
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 12:21:50 107444
1323222240001.jpg 18Кб, 409x409
How lucky I am that my ancestors hundreds of years ago were able to leave Germany for Russia and I am a part this.
How common is a big butt among Russian/Eastern European women? Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 02:09:26 107433 Ответ
Janice Demowski.jpg 200Кб, 1491x1028
How common is a big butt among Russian/Eastern European women?
theme name  09/12/22 Птн 02:20:18 107434
50% of them are actually black islams who don't go outside their mosque, so 50%.
Does Russians really not feel just a tiny bit sorry for all the ukrainians who are suffering? Anonymous  01/12/22 Чтв 19:24:49 107234 Ответ
42d9fc24ed3f107[...].jpg 210Кб, 650x650
Does Russians really not feel just a tiny bit sorry for all the ukrainians who are suffering?
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Anonymous  08/12/22 Чтв 19:45:54 107421
I can post there with a script using tampermonkey that they shared in an obr thread
Anonymous  08/12/22 Чтв 19:46:42 107422
Anonymous  08/12/22 Чтв 23:42:16 107426
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 00:03:43 107428
tampermonkey.png 61Кб, 1197x683
Anonymous  09/12/22 Птн 00:54:25 107432
bye Anonymous  06/12/22 Втр 18:40:52 107359 Ответ
anon.jpg 68Кб, 1280x904
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Anonymous  06/12/22 Втр 19:35:48 107363
>>107359 (OP)
Выпилиться решил? Ну и хуй с тобой.
Anonymous  08/12/22 Чтв 05:41:56 107404
Anonymous  08/12/22 Чтв 07:02:32 107407
Anonymous  08/12/22 Чтв 07:55:47 107408
Anonymous  08/12/22 Чтв 09:24:17 107409
JADE PICON - BRAZIL - 17, November, 2022 Anonymous  04/12/22 Вск 23:24:26 107320 Ответ
jadepicon17deno[...].jpg 1013Кб, 1920x1079
JADE PICON - BRAZIL - 17, November, 2022
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05/12/22 Пнд 19:59:11 107334

Иди нахуй, долбоеб
Anonymous  05/12/22 Пнд 22:31:45 107335
Anonymous  06/12/22 Втр 00:24:09 107339
n27002.jpg 59Кб, 400x562
Anonymous  07/12/22 Срд 15:03:47 107387
russianwoman0.png 484Кб, 606x778
russianwoman1.jpg 219Кб, 605x807
russianwoman2.jpg 135Кб, 607x807
FjX5NTnWQAI93BS.jpg 91Кб, 960x959
Anonymous  08/12/22 Чтв 00:18:15 107400
Was it rich Ukrainians who started this war? Anonymous  07/12/22 Срд 19:20:29 107390 Ответ
Oligarchs invit[...].mp4 11658Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:57
Was it rich Ukrainians who started this war?
Anonymous  07/12/22 Срд 19:21:00 107391
Rich Ukrainians.mp4 36668Кб, 1280x720, 00:02:42
Anonymous  07/12/22 Срд 20:53:42 107393
>>107390 (OP)
rich people dont believe in countries a country for them is like a stale for pigs, a sheep heard etc. they have no loyality, same as for "russians" olgiarchs

war is a trick for rich people to get more richer and for satan a way to sent rich people to hell. he knows he cant get all humans to hell but few he manages.

the more people die in war the most sins the politicans make, so we have to figure out a away to make them more sins by luring them with money.
Anonymous  07/12/22 Срд 23:51:50 107396
>>107390 (OP)
it's jews, it's always jews like this fucking zelenski shorty dickhead
Is it Russian clay? Anonymous  25/11/22 Птн 22:59:11 107018 Ответ
istockphoto-930[...].jpg 11Кб, 612x459
Is it Russian clay?
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Anonymous  30/11/22 Срд 09:36:33 107185
rusempire.jpg 314Кб, 832x880
Anonymous  05/12/22 Пнд 02:07:24 107321
Anonymous  05/12/22 Пнд 06:41:28 107322
Anonymous  05/12/22 Пнд 08:20:07 107324
07/12/22 Срд 06:22:22 107382
Foreign friend Anonymous  28/11/22 Пнд 03:51:10 107110 Ответ
kepkafriendfunc[...].jpg 157Кб, 340x340
Foreign anon, if you're here. I would like to chat with you. Not to swear about the war, but just to communicate. Maybe we can become pen pals.
Sorry for my English, I'm using google translator.
If anyone is interested, please let me know in the thread.
If you are Russian or Ukrainian, please do not pretend to be a foreigner, I already have Russian and Ukrainian interlocutors and friends.
If anyone wants to chat, please let me know your telegram or fakemail for communication.

Не тральте плз.
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Anonymous  29/11/22 Втр 01:22:38 107147
About anything. About life, about everyday life, about politics (very carefully), about games, movies, music, books. You can talk about the countries we live in, whatever it is, I think most people are interested in learning something about the other country. You can even talk about personal things.
Anonymous  29/11/22 Втр 04:01:56 107154
did u take special ed or shit like that wtf
Anonymous  29/11/22 Втр 10:11:05 107155
Anonymous  29/11/22 Втр 14:40:24 107158
Could try at least think up different flag colours, olginez.
Anonymous  07/12/22 Срд 01:45:55 107375
Hi. This is the OP. Is this a manifestation of a desire to communicate? If so, let me know.
The topic is relevant by the way.
Achemez Gochiyayev Anonymous  09/11/22 Срд 14:30:00 106260 Ответ
1526794418609.png 129Кб, 230x305
Achemez Gochiyayev (born 1970 in Karachayevsk) is a Russian citizen who was accused of organizing the Russian apartment bombings, a series of terrorist acts in 1999[1] that killed 293 people and led the country into the Second Chechen War. The five bombings took place during two weeks between September 4 and September 16, 1999, in Moscow, and the southern towns of Buynaksk and Volgodonsk. Gochiyayev has not been arrested or convicted and ostensibly remains a fugitive; he has not been seen since early March 2002.
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Anonymous  06/12/22 Втр 11:59:18 107346
this churka would have stabbed you, I'll tell you that you're not Chechen
Anonymous  06/12/22 Втр 13:53:27 107348
let me kiss you.jpg 157Кб, 1320x880
>you're not Chechen
of course iam not gay.
Anonymous  06/12/22 Втр 14:09:32 107349
Anonymous  06/12/22 Втр 16:52:38 107352
look at whole kavkaz everyone is doing mma and wrestling like prostetutes for us dollars. its male striptiz i am for chechnya to be free of russia dont need gay savages as part of russia. bazaev was a cool chechen, a real men. r.i.p
Anonymous  07/12/22 Срд 01:28:29 107374
Do you Russians have any fun experiences with gopniks? Like them taking you out and drink and you ge Anonymous  05/12/22 Пнд 23:39:51 107336 Ответ
gopnik-looking-[...].jpg 185Кб, 763x554
Do you Russians have any fun experiences with gopniks? Like them taking you out and drink and you get to fuck a girl? Or have they only abused you somehow?
Anonymous  05/12/22 Пнд 23:51:42 107337
Haven't seen one in ages. Maybe there are still some in very rural arieas, but in most of the county they are long gone since 2010's
Anonymous  06/12/22 Втр 00:11:39 107338

Maybe they live in the outskirts of the cities, like in poorer areas?
Anonymous  06/12/22 Втр 23:59:19 107373
755332b510d30ff[...].jpg 46Кб, 876x720
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