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This board focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange.
Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board. ## Mod ## 09/10/16 Вск 18:32:39 616 Ответ
127Кб, 495x333

Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board.

There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Please, abstain from using this board as your file hosting. Due to ban on suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above.


Thank you for attention.

suck my dick guys Anonymous  18/11/23 Суб 05:03:00 122098 Ответ
87f60ffb-ad0c-4[...].png 153Кб, 580x612
suck my dick guys
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Anonymous  02/12/23 Суб 00:35:40 122478
>>122098 (OP)
@everyone hurry to see a message from another Gayrope country.

Go some some arab immigrant's cocks again, bro
Anonymous  02/12/23 Суб 10:18:36 122489
как сказал господин элон маск деньги это ресурс аллокации, смею предположить что трупы вашей и нашей страны безразличны к этому ресурсу
Anonymous  02/12/23 Суб 10:20:24 122490
Anonymous  02/12/23 Суб 10:21:37 122491
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 20:18:50 122590
За это мы с вами за 24 года и так расплатились сполна, поставляя в вашу недострану ценные ископаемые ресурсы по цене ниже чем собственному населению. Если бы не этот аукцион невиданной щедрости, то бы ещё с 91го года платил по европейским ценам за коммуналку и бензин. А так только с 14го года началось панування за эуропэйськими цинами.
>не выучили историю
Это вы видимо не выучили, если считаете что какие-то там условные пендосы/немцы/французы в состоянии нас одолеть. Когда ваш снюханный соглашался на предложение анального клоуна Бори Джонсона по продолжению войны, тогда весной 22го года, интересно о чем он думал?
Hello internationals anons. I have a strange hobbi — collect interesting posters Anonymous  25/10/21 Пнд 13:38:54 88826 Ответ
15188756304882.jpg 1171Кб, 2304x1273
3uUvvUjngCU.jpg 407Кб, 728x1080
80ac179eefff50b[...].jpg 1966Кб, 2500x2508
15122431686890.jpg 270Кб, 1000x1210
Hello internationals anons.

I have a strange hobbi — collect interesting posters or something that, idk what right its calling. I wondering print it on paper and stick on my walls on room but its just dream :c

If you have posters like this, please, post it in my thread.
Or, if you too like it, you may take it too.

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Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 14:15:03 122580
photo6063@27-08[...].jpg 454Кб, 650x960
99def88cfe529bd[...].jpg 449Кб, 736x1089
inubashirimomij[...].jpg 639Кб, 700x964
QQrcGRn4b5w.jpg 940Кб, 774x1032
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 14:50:09 122582
O-46-XBrjanka.jpg 3818Кб, 1960x2656
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 18:54:23 122587
QrR7c.jpg 291Кб, 782x774
SvsPf.jpg 763Кб, 750x464
16987945277732.jpg 181Кб, 1024x1024
image - 2023-10[...].png 1774Кб, 753x1152
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 19:03:33 122588
16976289876420.jpg 779Кб, 1447x2039
1644745500972.jpg 99Кб, 899x1280
yande.re 11832 [...].jpg 337Кб, 1109x1500
zlHSQxpUv-Q.jpg 320Кб, 760x1080
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 19:23:05 122589
YeUu6TnZ5JI.jpg 313Кб, 760x1080
Why do Russians talk like this? Anonymous  16/10/23 Пнд 18:09:09 121188 Ответ
Russian ASMR Be[...].mp4 2761Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:21
Russian ASMR ca[...].mp4 3054Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:15
Why do Russians talk like this?
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Anonymous  02/12/23 Суб 20:03:20 122550
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 15:36:57 122583
We all know that here on /int the vast majority of posters are either Slavs or slavic immigrants despite their IP
slishkom tolsto, chel, rasskazhi escho kakoy-nibud incelo-hueti
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 16:36:00 122584
"'please dont send tanks and bombs on our continent
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 16:37:28 122585
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 16:38:28 122586
What will we ever do without Poccnr gas?!?! Looks like we've found alternatives to you, poccnrs. Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 14:48:54 122581 Ответ
image.png 154Кб, 1191x735
image.png 149Кб, 1131x729
What will we ever do without Poccnr gas?!?!

Looks like we've found alternatives to you, poccnrs.
only fox gods knows Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 06:54:53 122572 Ответ
.png 40Кб, 408x393
only fox gods knows
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 06:55:41 122573
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 06:56:09 122574
webm mp4 Anonymous  21/07/23 Птн 18:46:46 117377 Ответ
7845778.mp4 16801Кб, 640x480, 00:01:59
webm mp4
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Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 04:07:50 122567
16221506998910.mp4 6840Кб, 360x640, 00:00:38
16242759453820.mp4 2041Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:09
16243842376520.mp4 5615Кб, 576x1022, 00:00:15
16177120145970.mp4 2383Кб, 480x480, 00:00:23
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 04:08:23 122568
b00272e5b19abdf[...].mp4 8397Кб, 464x848, 00:00:58
16425298325340.mp4 1314Кб, 360x638, 00:00:14
16211759322030.mp4 2006Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:11
15379516977590.webm 11021Кб, 854x480, 00:01:44
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 04:09:04 122569
905212127740112[...].mp4 5999Кб, 852x466, 00:00:35
70855055401440.mp4 7655Кб, 640x360, 00:01:37
bb8f82173f407fd[...].mp4 3903Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:19
16495370039570.webm 9449Кб, 640x360, 00:02:03
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 04:10:32 122570
16197741889000.mp4 14329Кб, 640x360, 00:02:54
1692818543050.mp4 6602Кб, 480x848, 00:00:47
16705013514240.mp4 6541Кб, 614x854, 00:00:43
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 04:12:27 122571
video2023-09-18[...].mp4 1384Кб, 640x640, 00:00:15
16707729576680.mp4 7251Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:30
моя остановка.mp4 9925Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:27
16798350253080c[...].mp4 8712Кб, 512x640, 00:00:20
UKROWAVE Anonymous  04/02/23 Суб 16:40:23 110981 Ответ
Сергей Пастух f[...].mp4 25492Кб, 854x480, 00:03:38
Throw in something Ukrainian for the atmosphere.

except for the forbidden
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Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 01:19:04 122559
russians-zombi.png 183Кб, 985x639
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 01:26:04 122563
главный через систему звездной линковки заверил что он уже не мастурбирует на семилетних украинских девочек хаха
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 01:27:19 122564
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 01:27:57 122565
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 01:35:34 122566
1699630704139.mp4 3626Кб, 640x480, 00:00:42
Yes, you've gotten into the subject well. I served as a contract soldier in the Russian army for several years at the suggestion of my military father and I can say that women do well in the military, but without special means women are indeed harbingers of death for their squad on the battlefield.
Also, as shown in the video, it is imperative to have contraception because sex in the field is a natural consequence of severe emotional and physical stress in soldiers of both sexes. It is a natural physiological phenomenon, but it is justifiably prohibited in all armies around the world. As shown in the video, while pregnant, your squad may abandon you in the woods due to loss of mobility.
im unironically learning Russian to get Russian gf Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 11:53:17 122404 Ответ
Imagepipe10.jpg 67Кб, 768x1024
im unironically learning Russian to get Russian gf
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Anonymous  02/12/23 Суб 15:03:13 122495
Anonymous  02/12/23 Суб 20:15:12 122551
>>122404 (OP)
i look at nightly sky and see blue blue limitless sky
huge earth and sparkly stars and i understand that iam just a small person on that planet

i cant write russian myself but i could read your poem.

we have a guy at work russian mom and turkish dad. hes basicly russian with spice
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 01:20:47 122560
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 01:21:52 122561
Anonymous  03/12/23 Вск 01:23:00 122562
who's from Argentina? Anonymous  23/11/23 Чтв 13:30:01 122182 Ответ
650e229d064c0.jpeg 20Кб, 312x470
who's from Argentina?
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Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 14:14:12 122413
Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 19:36:55 122420
our simulation girl bet your cast like our comrade mr turing
Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 19:38:11 122421
Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 19:38:53 122422
Anonymous  02/12/23 Суб 14:56:12 122494
здравствуйте мой друзья! Anonymous  29/11/23 Срд 07:51:41 122367 Ответ
IMG7192.jpg 109Кб, 366x408
Greetings /int/ from the US

How are you guys doing?
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Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 23:39:10 122476
Anonymous  02/12/23 Суб 00:56:12 122482
>>122367 (OP)
Balding faggot and his old-fart-friends theive out everything, the war's taking 1-2 K of lives per day, prices are running to the space, the economics transforms to a party of a few monopolies.

How the fuck do you think we are doing?
Life is wonerful.
Anonymous  02/12/23 Суб 05:09:43 122486
guess how many clones and followers have our president
Anonymous  02/12/23 Суб 05:10:25 122487
Anonymous  02/12/23 Суб 05:10:55 122488
how often do russians think about suicide? Anonymous  03/10/23 Втр 23:27:00 120759 Ответ
kacap kys.png 129Кб, 500x475
how often do russians think about suicide?
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Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 12:59:54 122451
Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 13:01:32 122452
Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 21:20:10 122469
Last Cuts - Hop[...].mp4 29967Кб, 480x360, 00:09:21
>>120759 (OP)
Dou you like Ukrwanda Depressive Suicidal Blac Metal (DSBM) ?
Anonymous  02/12/23 Суб 00:33:13 122477
>>120759 (OP)
Strongly epends on the question are they Christians or not.
Suicide is a sin running you straight yo hell.
Also, why the fuck should I commit suicide?
02/12/23 Суб 12:38:16 122492
Когда ты научишься писать с сажей в таких тредах, глупая пидорашка
&gt;&gt;55936770 вопрос определения не более того Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 22:51:33 122473 Ответ
iona.jpg 29Кб, 640x360
вопрос определения не более того
Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 22:52:28 122474
Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 22:53:08 122475
WAR on TERROR Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 15:32:32 122414 Ответ
sketch-16961454[...].jpg 147Кб, 1442x1080
The Supreme Court recognized the international LGBT movement as an extremist organization and banned it in Russia

Various signs and manifestations of extremist orientation have been identified in the activities of the movement in the Russian Federation, including the incitement of social and religious hatred, the lawsuit says.
The decision to ban the LGBT movement in Russia comes into force immediately, the court said.
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Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 02:51:04 122434
The man in the video, by the way, is a member of parliament in St Petersburg, the most homosexual city in Russia. I doubt that Portuguese gays have not heard anything about him from their globohomo network.

Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 04:43:37 122438
1655133956132.png 42Кб, 427x400
He has a better accent than the average Slav. Weird. Glows brighter in the dark.
Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 05:16:50 122439
Because this is a very educated man, despite being an ugly freak. Maybe it's his role dictated by the FSB, we don't know.
Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 05:19:03 122440
image.png 887Кб, 927x682
God bless him in this holy war for which he enlisted as a volunteer.
Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 18:38:24 122462
Мировой-майдан-[...].jpg 489Кб, 810x1100
Such laws are hidden hybrid repressions against the population.
When I was in 9th grade, I was friends with a girl from a parallel class. We communicated very well. Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 18:13:54 122461 Ответ
17014381093410.jpg 298Кб, 683x1024
When I was in 9th grade, I was friends with a girl from a parallel class. We communicated very well. We went home together after school. We lived in the same yard. The yard was not equipped at all, there was no place to sit, but there were swings. Well, we went to these swings and listened to music on them. First, she plays one song and sits and I rock it, and then we change. Her and subsequently my favorite band was Avenged Sevenfold. One day I wanted to get up, but she told me not to get up and sat on my lap.
-What if I’m against it?
-Who will ask you?
-You have a boyfriend.
-Well, if he doesn’t find out, then it’s okay, right?
She was then dating a boy from another school and he heard rumors that she was kissing someone else (not me). He left her and his friends who knew her personally began to write how unfaithful she was. And she should be ashamed. And in response to this she wrote a barrage of insults. And one day, when we were walking with her, these two guys met us and decided to punish her. They attacked and beat her, but I didn’t stand up. And then she began to be indignant at why I just stood and watched as they beat her. She said that she was a coward, a weakling and a traitor who was not able to stand up for a girl. And now I’m nothing to her, although she liked me. But I didn’t interfere because I had lenses on my eyes and in a fight they could hit me in the eye and tear them and I had to buy new ones. 10 years have passed since then. We are 25. I work as a courier at Yandex Food. When I arrived for the next call, guess who opened the door for me? There she was. He looks with a withering glance and says, “Well, how is your higher education, was it useful?” Then he smiles and continues, “Come in.” The two of us ate some of the food I brought. Then she took a plastic bag and pulled out a piece of cake from the refrigerator. She put it in a bag and gave it to me. We sat for about 40 minutes and at the end we hugged and kissed.
Warning, cumrades! Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 11:35:08 122446 Ответ
image.png 389Кб, 674x609
image.png 871Кб, 1200x628
image.png 1086Кб, 700x700
image.png 321Кб, 894x894
This man take other men from their wives and mothers! Let your men go home for their safety!!!
Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 11:46:37 122447
we still prohibit human traffic under lgbt issue on russian federation
Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 11:47:27 122448
Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 11:48:17 122449
Where is &#47;int FAP THREAD? Anonymous  18/10/19 Птн 09:12:02 61993 Ответ
1fcb415c7a9304b[...].mp4 10992Кб, 640x480, 00:02:17
Where is /int FAP THREAD?
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Anonymous  26/11/23 Вск 11:28:25 122297
Kick men in the balls. It's okay to use violence against men if it's Women doing it. men must die for Women.
Anonymous  26/11/23 Вск 11:40:27 122298
We are men who understand our place. Our place is under Women feet. We are from FSM.
Anonymous  26/11/23 Вск 11:44:42 122299
image.png 562Кб, 800x600
Anonymous  26/11/23 Вск 11:46:12 122301
image.png 907Кб, 1024x768
01/12/23 Птн 09:00:42 122442
ACK.png 388Кб, 760x704
>Why does the right one look like Legolas? It it a female or Legolas?
only fox gods knows Anonymous  25/11/23 Суб 13:45:07 122236 Ответ
.png 40Кб, 408x393
only fox gods knows
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Anonymous  25/11/23 Суб 13:45:39 122237
Anonymous  25/11/23 Суб 13:46:19 122238
Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 22:25:15 122427
c7 c5
Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 22:26:32 122428
Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 22:27:07 122429
WHO MOCKED HIM &gt;0.25 shekel has been deposited into your JIDF account Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 18:04:38 122417 Ответ
jokesters.png 7594Кб, 5556x2248
>0.25 shekel has been deposited into your JIDF account
bye Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 11:47:26 122402 Ответ
Dvachlogo.png 20Кб, 971x404
Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 11:57:56 122405
one 2 3 drink
Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 11:58:48 122406
Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 11:59:29 122407
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