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This board focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange.
Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board ## Mod ## 09/10/16 Вск 18:32:39 616 Ответ
127Кб, 495x333

Welcome to Russian /Int/.

There are no limits and you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Please, abstain from using this board as your file hosting. Due to ban on suicide methods, child pornography, homosexual content and discrediting of the Russian armed forces in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above. It is also not recommended to post NSFW material here such as guro and sexual perversions of any kind, you were warned.



Thank you for your attention.

/intpol/ General Anonymous  28/12/23 Чтв 23:50:58 123465 Ответ
war.webm 7968Кб, 960x720, 00:00:19
afgan.webm 16209Кб, 576x432, 00:05:14
g.mp4 10056Кб, 432x828, 00:00:49
svoboda.mp4 2495Кб, 898x720, 00:00:10
A thread related to discussing politics.

Russian/Ukrainian languages (these belong to /po), NSFW content and discrediting the armed forces of Russia are forbidden ITT, also refrain from posting this stuff elsewhere.
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Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 22:30:01 126559
image.png 96Кб, 1035x388
image.png 197Кб, 639x431
image.png 614Кб, 575x603
And no kidding, how is that possible? the U.S. is a self-sufficient, self-reliant nation, right?
Anonymous  27/05/24 Пнд 00:58:09 126560
16942019655600-[...].mp4 2638Кб, 640x480, 00:00:14
Anonymous  27/05/24 Пнд 01:10:14 126561
17147662260371.mp4 4501Кб, 640x360, 00:00:57
16038187047180.mp4 238Кб, 288x360, 00:00:06
15269270030110.mp4 1855Кб, 360x360, 00:00:34
17150113063774.mp4 1030Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:15
Anonymous  27/05/24 Пнд 01:14:12 126562
17147664714820.mp4 699Кб, 480x852, 00:00:10
15918953432750.jpg 90Кб, 372x372
Anonymous  27/05/24 Пнд 02:31:22 126563
IMG2065.mp4 4039Кб, 640x640, 00:00:46
Children in the Orlyonok camp smashed doors and windows, broke sinks, scattered mattresses and destroyed mosquito nets. So the guys "celebrated" the last day before departure.

According to Mash, 13 and 14-year-olds came to the Bashkir camp from Belgorod under the state program. And for 19 days they behaved well - went on excursions, participated in competitions. But on the last - 20th - day something clicked in their heads. And anarchy began.

Chairs flying from the windows, cheerful tearing of nets and mess in the room from the category "to spite mom" - on the video. The camp declined to comment.

Belgorodbro what's going on?
/colony/ General Anonymous  28/12/23 Чтв 23:57:05 123466 Ответ
7ac.png 472Кб, 1779x887
Don't know where to go?

You can try make a small colony or else post links to any other international anonymous imageboard here.

Please don't spam your links in any other places and don't raid this board with many threads with a same subject matter otherwise it can and will be deleted.

List of indian chans for your convenience here (provided by PT-bro, 06/02/24)
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Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 01:30:22 126521
Screenshot 2024[...].png 6845Кб, 1920x7182
Brazilians in their "main cancer chan" talking about some amputee fetish general thread
Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 03:11:35 126546
image.png 209Кб, 838x665
Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 03:18:11 126548
Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 03:35:33 126549
d32.png 406Кб, 600x800
fucking hell. their thread is still active. their main chan is becoming dead. in a country of 205 gorillion people. the Age of Chans is truly over.
Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 12:34:33 126553
Yeah, it's funny, considering that the daily online on Dvatch is 100k uniques (Cache+IP). That is literally a third of the worldwide 4chan traffic.
Most countries in Europe don't have boards at all, and if they do, they are local, sparsely populated clubs for their own. I remember visiting a British board, where /int/ was called /zoo/, even more depressing shit than /int/-Dvatch, nobody posted there for months. Now that board is long gone and apparently their board situation is even worse than the Indians', as they're all going to 4chan and their national threads in any section go bumplimit very quickly.
A historical reference that no one asked for: Dvatch was the first imageboard in europe.

I saw a Hindu chan where you have to register to post: enter login and password (lol). Is that it?
Litteraly, the world seems to be incorrect. So, your government is lying to you. Let's have some fuc Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 07:19:56 126550 Ответ
gsfc-20171208-a[...].webp 116Кб, 680x680
Litteraly, the world seems to be incorrect. So, your government is lying to you. Let's have some fuck.
Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 08:06:41 126551
Ex governments was lying to us.
New government will be better.
Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 08:36:04 126552
Anonymous  27/05/24 Пнд 03:41:10 126564
image.png 193Кб, 1008x477
Dear Russian Anonymous  16/05/24 Чтв 18:16:24 126350 Ответ
17002907459190.mp4 3970Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:17
Why are you not in the army?
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Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 18:54:49 126399
I would join
I would be an Aryan God amongst your Africans, Indians, and Mongols
Do you think they would make me an officer or would my autism preclude that?
Anonymous  20/05/24 Пнд 13:39:03 126418
A walking toilet, maybe. Everyone can humiliate it in Russian but it'll still try to make a smile because it doesn't understand shit. And the moment it starts protesting about it, just "nullify" it like it's never existed.
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 00:49:09 126462
I can't make sense of this Ruglish
Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 17:22:20 126556
Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 17:23:32 126557
Hello internationals anons. I have a strange hobbi — collect interesting posters Anonymous  25/10/21 Пнд 13:38:54 88826 Ответ
15188756304882.jpg 1171Кб, 2304x1273
3uUvvUjngCU.jpg 407Кб, 728x1080
80ac179eefff50b[...].jpg 1966Кб, 2500x2508
15122431686890.jpg 270Кб, 1000x1210
Hello internationals anons.

I have a strange hobbi — collect interesting posters or something that, idk what right its calling. I wondering print it on paper and stick on my walls on room but its just dream :c

If you have posters like this, please, post it in my thread.
Or, if you too like it, you may take it too.

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Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 15:33:05 126529
16217573126620.jpg 2467Кб, 1666x2500
AGTIo8ILDSE.jpg 385Кб, 754x1080
LxHDfKhjcu4.jpg 348Кб, 699x1080
OjwnExp1DSg.jpg 208Кб, 699x1080
Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 15:34:42 126530
FzqJZVZ4-o.jpg 255Кб, 734x1080
ec1e5bd8cf82eb7[...].jpg 265Кб, 1165x1600
16197236998473.jpg 75Кб, 600x937
16158164347820.jpg 469Кб, 1440x1855
Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 15:35:19 126531
world map 1922.jpg 16711Кб, 12057x7708
Its and for today
Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 22:08:25 126536
d6bdf6c4c0f019b[...].jpg 49Кб, 440x600
64a60218563fa9a[...].jpg 160Кб, 576x960
Beiraoad.jpg 23Кб, 500x602
Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 22:53:11 126539
segafutihg.jpg 282Кб, 1024x1024
Have you the segafutihg?
Foid Question Anonymous  19/05/24 Вск 00:57:03 126406 Ответ
IMG7370.png 370Кб, 800x634
IMG7132.jpeg 178Кб, 1024x971
IMG0174.jpeg 216Кб, 750x1011
How do we solve this shit?
Anonymous  19/05/24 Вск 01:12:36 126407
IMG9694.png 1611Кб, 750x1334
Anonymous  19/05/24 Вск 16:20:27 126410
>>126406 (OP)
1. be kind to them and give them attention
2. give them no money whatsoever

if they walk away from it (take it for granted), that's great, you've avoided a greedy mentally damaged cunt

that's a pretty simple trick

inb4 but i want to put my appendage in her rectum
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 00:46:46 126440
Kek. Yeah you should never become a betabuxx. Are there any “decent women” left in russia?
Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 22:29:34 126538
Im afraid I would have to kill you if I disclose that information.
major population of INDIA respect RUSSIA and RUSSIAN people? and that's a rare thing toward specific Anonymous  31/01/24 Срд 20:46:16 124034 Ответ
image.png 2029Кб, 1920x1430
major population of INDIA respect RUSSIA and RUSSIAN people? and that's a rare thing toward specific country.
whats your view on this, brother. do you feel bad, good or neutral.
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Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 23:37:29 126500
y2mate.com - An[...].mp4 12425Кб, 1280x720, 00:02:52
>This song goes out to all the people abusing the report system all over the internet in telegram channels that mass report content that hurts their feelings.
>Stay mad. Reporting content critical of you doesn't change reality.
Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 07:08:30 126501
Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 23:13:50 126513
a) Can Sikhs carry kirpans freely in Russia?
b) If so, can they carry them in subways?

ChatGPT gives a shit general answer.
Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 18:21:32 126532
Clean your river
Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 22:25:42 126537
17166531232070.png 648Кб, 1781x4167
I like how Bharatians slowly but surely take over the Paki Island and Shartmartia and showing them their place.
Learning Russian Language Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 02:49:59 125251 Ответ
qoXrAzZ2i7o.jpg 480Кб, 1920x1280
For learning Russian, what are some things I need to consider and keep in mind? What is the best way for me to learn (besides moving to Russia and forcing myself to speak 100% of the time, which is obviously the best way)? I feel like those online courses and shit are scams or made for retarded people.
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Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 06:34:07 126478
>>125251 (OP)
you can move your ass in Moscow, and live, most people understand basic english there, and Saint-Petersburg as bonus.
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 15:32:25 126484
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 20:42:13 126492
image.png 393Кб, 572x422
image.png 45Кб, 709x445
>What is the best way for me to learn

anime subtitles

stage 1. duration: a couple of months
learn alphabet
install Russian interface on phone or pc, to get comfortable in reading Russian

stage 2. duration: 2 weeks
print out "xxxxx most common Russian worlds" list
check the list out from time to time, try to translate it from memory and check out your progress, it would inspire you, especially on the third day, when you'll see you're actually making surprisingly big progress

print out illustrated prepositions
pin in where you'll easily see it

bookmark the following:
- deepl,
- multitran,
- google.translate, yandex translate,
- google.images, yandex.images,

look for anime with subtitles on yandex and watch them 4+ hours a day for two weeks
space key is pause
never skip any word, pause and translate it, till you get it

stage 3. duration: forever
watch youtube in Russian
watch videos with more rare words, like some technical and scientific videos
bonus: you'd learn the complex stuff that uses rarer words to describe itself

the trick is:
learn most common words
quickly jump over the ebbinghouse curve (learn it faster than you forget it)
learn by repetition
you'll repeat most common words for 10-100 times a day, remembering
but you won't get bored out of learning, because you'd be consuming some anime plot
imagine repeating words 100 times a day without the plot, you'll drop the learning on the next day forever

after two weeks you'll be remembering the core language for 3-5 years, so you'll need to repeat it from time to time, consuming some leisure videos, so again without producing any boredom in the process

remember: learning and studying is different things
you will know how to speak well and understand it well, but you won't know how much cases there are or what's th perfect/imperfect forms, etc.
you'll learn language more or less the same way the natives do
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 20:42:59 126493
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 20:44:37 126494
image.png 245Кб, 500x246
Captcha in Russian language is discrimination. Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 16:08:58 125186 Ответ
FwuDOYMaUAIjL0K.jpg 137Кб, 772x1024
Captcha in Russian language is discrimination.
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Anonymous  20/05/24 Пнд 16:33:12 126425
captcha-math.png 12Кб, 257x184

I'am sure, AI's have their own social network, protected from silly meatbags.
Anonymous  20/05/24 Пнд 21:39:40 126426
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 20:03:08 126453
23/05/24 Чтв 01:50:31 126471
Can a new one gpt-4o solve russian captcha? It can analyse images. Can smb try out?
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 02:52:20 126476
Captura de ecrã[...].png 56Кб, 1126x642
I get worse captchas here than this example - basic/novice tier
Where is &#47;int FAP THREAD? Anonymous  18/10/19 Птн 09:12:02 61993 Ответ
1fcb415c7a9304b[...].mp4 10992Кб, 640x480, 00:02:17
Where is /int FAP THREAD?
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Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 01:50:15 126470
17133730150080.webm 6188Кб, 1280x720, 00:01:26
17133730150621.webm 4146Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:54
17133730151322.webm 6855Кб, 1280x720, 00:01:32
17133731073680.webm 9396Кб, 1280x720, 00:01:59
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 01:52:02 126472
167984.jpg 289Кб, 811x1123
image.jpg 292Кб, 1920x1080
zdzHJWEZdpE.jpg 135Кб, 811x811
nastol.com.ua-2[...].jpg 1680Кб, 2560x1600
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 01:53:48 126473
7ycyx6o6n1g.jpg 182Кб, 836x1280
164423197703403[...].jpeg 79Кб, 660x660
pom.jpg 1213Кб, 2385x1693
16928003259550.jpg 1359Кб, 2048x2048
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 01:57:16 126474
1715835384508.jpg 434Кб, 683x1024
17161530090332.jpg 629Кб, 1440x1542
16843306540871.png 1219Кб, 1084x1799
1715361820825282.jpg 81Кб, 1024x838
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 02:00:54 126475
17134311303013.mp4 2104Кб, 644x1280, 00:00:08
17134314759170.mp4 12143Кб, 1920x1080, 00:00:19
image.png 2606Кб, 1200x1800
image.png 2327Кб, 1800x1200
Please give videos where Poles are angry and swearing. Anonymous  25/01/23 Срд 12:54:14 110275 Ответ
лес заебали.MP4 9031Кб, 608x848, 00:01:04
image.png 17Кб, 1200x750
Please give videos where Poles are angry and swearing.
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Anonymous  21/03/24 Чтв 13:05:20 124811
image.png 413Кб, 700x753
Anonymous  28/03/24 Чтв 00:42:04 125207
171156440328635[...].mp4 6485Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:24
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 20:52:19 125275
171087758138068[...].webm 10676Кб, 1920x1080, 00:00:24
wpierdol.webm 4260Кб, 320x240, 00:01:31
Anonymous  21/05/24 Втр 11:46:32 126430
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 01:26:06 126468
love dvach :3
Есть тут аноны из чехии? сча тут сохну йоу Anonymous  21/05/24 Втр 19:12:23 126432 Ответ
chechflag.jpg 29Кб, 710x404
Есть тут аноны из чехии? сча тут сохну йоу
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 07:26:28 126446
16424143449151 [...].jpg 48Кб, 265x311
Australia speaks and shows. https://www.tiktok.com/@canthinky/video/7248884406947941639 https://ww Anonymous  16/09/23 Суб 16:13:23 120333 Ответ
images (2).jpeg 33Кб, 662x463
images (3).jpeg 23Кб, 680x451
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Anonymous  17/09/23 Вск 12:46:52 120357
Legit counterpoint.

Therefore the only real people live on equator.
Anonymous  18/09/23 Пнд 15:44:16 120428
The equator is an imaginary line of no width.
Anonymous  19/09/23 Втр 22:50:08 120464
значит человечества не существует.
Anonymous  27/03/24 Срд 16:02:24 125185
Anonymous  21/05/24 Втр 07:43:32 126429
Any mods with English translations for this game? Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 08:40:28 125499 Ответ
6-1-492966-52.webp 26Кб, 382x215
Any mods with English translations for this game?
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Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 11:36:45 125506
Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 12:13:35 125507
Its way more popular in Russia, everything on the workshop page is in Russian.
Anonymous  07/04/24 Вск 13:38:15 125513
изображение.png 350Кб, 552x529
Yes, it's terrible. But it can be worse: when you walk into the workshop of a Japanese game that hasn't even been translated into English, let alone its mods.

In short, just get over it. If there are no mods in English, then the game isn't that popular in the English-speaking community. Although I could open up boosty or pateron for mod translations.... But I already have plenty of projects of my own.
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 16:49:15 125554
блето.webm 3876Кб, 360x360, 00:00:31
Anonymous  21/05/24 Втр 00:07:55 126427
Serious question. So, I'm an expat from abroad and have been living in the Russian Federation comin Anonymous  17/05/24 Птн 16:10:35 126380 Ответ
pics-0001.jpg 49Кб, 700x525
Serious question.

So, I'm an expat from abroad and have been living in the Russian Federation coming up on about four years now. There is just one thing that I can't quite grasp;

What is everyone constantly drilling in their flats here?

I have lived in three different flats since arriving, and have been to friends homes, visited other cities, towns within the country - and its simply bewildering to me that no matter where or when, someone is always drilling some shit into their walls next door or in the floor above. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE DRILLING FOR YEARS ON END? WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST PEACE & QUIET???????
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Anonymous  20/05/24 Пнд 15:28:35 126420
First, commieblock is very deceptive vibro-acoustically, depending on specific construction sound of drill may travel for 3 or more levels.
Then, you have some modern furniture like my demanding several dozens points of fixing to the wall. On top of that every time you want to attach cable channel, or do a lot of other things, you have to drill a wall.
Due to laws those are usually clustered in time making it even worse.
A solution is to have headphones and do your business. If you are sure that it is your neighbor and he is nasty with noises, buy vibrospeaker and play gachimuchi remixes for him
Anonymous  20/05/24 Пнд 15:29:50 126421
Also, fuck maqaque, the owner of this buggy shit called 2ch.
20/05/24 Пнд 15:57:36 126422
>fuck maqaque
You are not a foreigner, pidorashka.
Stop fantasizing
Anonymous  20/05/24 Пнд 16:00:10 126423
20/05/24 Пнд 16:07:50 126424
>>126380 (OP)
Take a picture of your foreign passport against the background of Russian things.
Why are you not using Linux already? Anonymous  11/11/22 Птн 14:22:15 106441 Ответ
image.png 121Кб, 421x500
Why are you not using Linux already?
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Anonymous  15/05/24 Срд 13:12:43 126335
>>106441 (OP)
most people do not use it if they didn't tried it or were falsely advised by micro-shills to try anything but Mint-MATE

trying some shitty dump like arch instead
trying canonical, that works against itself since it got any popularity
trying gentoo (mostly advised as a joke), that's not for the basic 101 users

or anything along those lines
Anonymous  16/05/24 Чтв 13:39:52 126347
>>106441 (OP)
>y are you not using Linux already?
Why, using it rn
Anonymous  17/05/24 Птн 04:41:46 126360
yup, the best are community driven distros, not what Red Hat/IBM , Canonical or SUSE decides.
Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 15:26:13 126396
Russophobic shit, like Microsoft
I installed a commercial distribution of the RED OS for myself and have no complaints. It is time for Russians to say goodbye to Western technologies not because they have become less available, but because a focus on their own technologies will give a very strong boost in the future in addition to the comfort that the Russian IT segment can give the user already now. Russia in such conditions will become the vanguard of technologies implemented in Linux in the future.

(t. other)
Anonymous  19/05/24 Вск 16:31:33 126411
it's not even about community or anything
Mint MATE just works well for the people, that's all

there were two large influxes of users
first one trough ubuntu, MS paid them so that they would ruin their interface, changing it to some sensor-display bullshit, that is not fit for desktop
second was trough Mint,
Mint wasn't affected, but MS started pushing Arch and similar non-user-friendly distros trough distrowatch and other channels
so people go on trying GNU OS Stallmanix, but they see that it's the exact shit they are expecting, with those expectationg given to them by Microsoft FUD-marketing team — that Stallman OS is same enormous shitpile of problems as Windows, but this time do it in a new strange way

logical solution to that is to advise people to use Mint, and to not use any other strange distro

like rn distrowatch is advertising some "MX Linux" as the most popular distro, made by lightweight LiveCD devs'
nobody would want their desktop to be run by a distro oriented to be a live-cd

well at least that's not Arch or Slackware
Bibles Anonymous  25/12/23 Пнд 11:55:49 123359 Ответ
pф.gif 6Кб, 879x82
tr.jpg 96Кб, 1000x1000
r.jpg 62Кб, 765x696
Russia can take Bibles from citizens.

In July, mine was taken.

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Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 00:07:07 125365
The Silence Of [...].mp4 10348Кб, 1280x720, 00:02:13
Anonymous  03/04/24 Срд 22:58:41 125440
It looks cool! in russian families there are almost no relics, the oldest are books from the times of Stalin, from the 1930s.
Russia is also a completely non-religious country.
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 18:35:56 125557
Jews sacrifised God on the Cross. They are forsaken by God. Christians are the new Jews.
Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 00:53:56 126384
Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 05:53:43 126388
θ.gif 243Кб, 128x128
God bless y'all.
Thoughts Anonymous  12/03/24 Втр 00:00:24 124608 Ответ
IMG9018.MOV 2788Кб, 640x360, 00:00:08
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 20:04:19 126195
webm mp4 Anonymous  21/07/23 Птн 18:46:46 117377 Ответ
7845778.mp4 16801Кб, 640x480, 00:01:59
webm mp4
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Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 08:34:57 126099
17149205067710.mp4 587Кб, 360x360, 00:00:11
トー横あるある.mp4 5313Кб, 640x360, 00:01:49
Download (3).mp4 162Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:03
フェミニストアサシン.mp4 2517Кб, 608x1080, 00:00:05
Anonymous  15/05/24 Срд 12:55:10 126333
Anonymous  16/05/24 Чтв 18:24:43 126351
735312198562023[...].mp4 20794Кб, 1080x1920, 00:00:15
Her name is Kay. She is Australia's greatest treasure.
Anonymous  17/05/24 Птн 02:55:56 126358
Aussies are finally starting to share their women, not just stealing glances at ours.
Anonymous  17/05/24 Птн 06:27:15 126361
706980716644558[...].mp4 3336Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:08
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