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This board focuses on international friendship and cultural exchange.
Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board. ## Mod ## 09/10/16 Вск 18:32:39 616 Ответ
127Кб, 495x333

Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board.

There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Please, abstain from using this board as your file hosting. Due to ban on suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above.


Thank you for attention.

AMERICANS DONT HATE YOU Anonymous  06/03/22 Вск 02:57:58 93473 Ответ
1200px-Flagofth[...].png 7Кб, 1200x632
We don't want the Russian people or Ukrainian people to suffer. We want to share our goods with them.

If you Russians replace your dictator with a man who is not a warmonger, we will IMMEDIATELY REMOVE ALL SANCTIONS.
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Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 07:27:05 113777
>>93473 (OP)
You made mistake. Russians aren't humansl or even homo sapiens.
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 09:30:17 113787
>>93473 (OP)
First of all, let me thank you for not hating the Russian people. This really does mean a lot to me and to a great many of my compatriots, I believe. I don't know why you used the "we" pronoun in your post: there are a lot of foreigners itt who are ready to extend their hatred of the Russian policies onto the Russian people in general, but I'm happy you're not one of them.

Second of all, I don't think I would've trusted you with the
statement even had you been in power to do so, but as you clearly are not, this is obviously not a promise but, let's say, your vision of the future. I think this vision is naive at best. Take as an example the Jackson-Vanik amendment to the US Trade Law that put the Soviet Union under sanctions for its allegedly antisemitic policies back in 1974: do you know when it was finally removed? In 2012, during the "reload" phase of the US-Russia relations. Not during Gorbachev when the restrictions on leaving the USSR were lifted, not during Yeltsin when Russia was US's obedient lapdog — only back in 2012 when Obama felt he needed to make some qui pro quo deal with Putin.

And you know why? Because under Gorbachev and Yeltsin Russia was weak, and no one gives two fucks about weak ones.

I'm not making a "might makes right" argument here, I'm not excluding the moral dimension from the discussion entirely, I'm merely saying that there's morality and there's reality, and both matter. You can be the most innocent and best-behaved puppy of a country in the whole world, and yet, when there's possibility of you to be exploited and robbed you will be, because you're weak and no one respects that.

I mean, I wish I could turn back time to the good old days, so to say, pre-2014, but this would simply not work. The best version of the future our opponents offer us would be to return to the 1991 borders AND pay reparations for the destruction of Ukraine which are already estimated as hundreds of billions USD and will probably be much higher once a Russian government agrees to that. Moreover, that would imply US economic domination over Russia, promotions of oligarch cliques who are loyal to the US and other sorts of neo-colonial policies which will lead to Russia irreversibly becoming a third-world shithole that pumps out oil and gas and leads the money received for selling it to the West again. We were in many ways in that state pre-2022, but in this scenario it will be further cemented. Why would I, a Russian, want this version of the future for my country and myself?

And this is not to mention the worst-case scenario often entertained by many: with dismemberment of Russia with a myriad of ethnic conflicts and infighting — you really have to be self-hating to want such a future for yourself.

You may say that is precisely what awaits Russia and myself should we not stop now. Well, you can't know the future can you? I think there's some cognitive fallacy with many of the posts coming from Ukraine and West when they view the situation as if Russia has already lost. I think that, while Russia is surely far from winning in this conflict, we haven't lost yet, and our country has been in situations far worse than that. So, as the choice is between raising a white flag and hoping the victors will be merciful and keeping going I choose the latter. Because there's no point in being good if you're not strong.
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 21:58:55 113812
Russian glowniggers started the war in Donbass that killed roughly 3000 civilians.
In a few weeks of SMO russia bringed more civilian casulties lma
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 22:02:57 113813
Dude, the post is a year old, are you blind or smth ?
Anonymous  26/03/23 Вск 07:14:17 113819
Lol you're right, I must be fucked into my eyesockets.
&gt;Germany should be “sending more weapons, sending more ammunition, and giving more money to Ukrai Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 15:12:52 113799 Ответ
11379876-scaled.jpg 289Кб, 2640x1760
Anonymous  26/03/23 Вск 03:27:33 113817
16388709136771.jpg 469Кб, 900x1364
>>113799 (OP)
Russian pigdog scum, how much money you gave to anybody?

Don't worry, you don't have to answer. We all know you can only murder, rape and steal.
Anonymous  26/03/23 Вск 04:18:21 113818
16533122196231.jpg 100Кб, 870x657
A gruesome act of political violence in Finland today. RIP, Ben Zyskowicz. Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 21:26:22 113811 Ответ
ben zyskowicz.jpg 194Кб, 777x1128
A gruesome act of political violence in Finland today. RIP, Ben Zyskowicz.
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 22:04:11 113814
Anonymous  26/03/23 Вск 03:19:53 113816
Corea-Russia Friendship 20/03/23 Пнд 13:06:51 113528 Ответ
east corean sea.jpg 266Кб, 815x888
I want Russia to be friend of Corea ^__^

Russia, like Corea, is glorious civilization-state and we should work together to destroy Japan ^________________^ so glorious

Largest problem right now is removing Corea from orbit of USA ^__^ political situation is very bad right now so Russia can take advantage kekeke

Once that is fix, the crazy Kim regime in Pyongyang will have outlive its usefulness. Build gas pipeline and we will be very big customer of oil and gas!

Finally: Ukraine is rightful territory of Russian Federation ^__^ Z
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Anonymous  20/03/23 Пнд 18:08:20 113556
Anonymous  20/03/23 Пнд 18:08:57 113557
Anonymous  20/03/23 Пнд 18:09:38 113558
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 08:44:49 113783
>>113528 (OP)
Oh shit dude I remember you. You're that crazy Korean, sorry, Corean guy who shitposted on Krautchan back in 2014-15 I think who always spelled Korea with a С for some reason.
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 22:05:43 113815
When your society has staggering problems with rapes and (lethal) violence with immigrants, what doe Anonymous  22/03/23 Срд 18:32:55 113684 Ответ
henkirokset kan[...].jpg 180Кб, 1199x1167
seksuaalirikoks[...].jpg 46Кб, 527x478
no-no square.gif 1289Кб, 300x300
When your society has staggering problems with rapes and (lethal) violence with immigrants, what does your government do? Finland's officials "solved" the problem by spending money on making TikTok dances that instruct "refugees" and immigrants to stay away from people's no-no areas.
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Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 09:42:08 113789
average male fa[...].jpg 116Кб, 540x493
Shut the fuck up, Chink.

They fuck like rabbits. That is a fact.
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 18:50:08 113803
>They fuck like rabbits. That is a fact.
Who ? Afgans ? Not really, they have pretty stable tribal society. Ex-soviet middle asians? Yeah, that's because they only recently industrialised.
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 19:16:33 113807
It's an idiom that means they breed greatly. Just as Somalis and other retards. That's why they are extremely dangerous in Europe.
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 20:20:15 113809
Aaaah, you mean those who are already in Europe ? Tyey just not ajasted yet, in 3 generation they will stop.
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 21:24:00 113810
monster-14.jpg 103Кб, 900x900
Hehe, sure. It'll never stop, my friend.
Okay Anonymous  17/03/23 Птн 23:44:08 113422 Ответ
Screenshot2023-[...].jpg 693Кб, 1080x2400
Let's talk about it
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Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 09:32:22 113788
usa - z.jpg 8Кб, 148x104
Russian Antifa-BLM faggot has spoken.
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 09:49:08 113790
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 09:50:40 113791
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 09:52:45 113792
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 19:18:14 113808
väestönvaihto.jpg 120Кб, 1254x786
Is Putin the strongest head of state on earth? Anonymous  20/03/23 Пнд 11:09:19 113510 Ответ
image.png 630Кб, 861x882
Is Putin the strongest head of state on earth?
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Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 07:20:33 113775
>>113510 (OP)
>Is Putin the strongest head of state on earth?
Only for submissive fat gays.
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 08:30:52 113782
We don't really like him. He is a dwarf after all.
fat sabmissive gay
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 14:17:28 113798
Sorry, fat submissive closet gays with Russian wifes what are looking like "babooshkas" after 18-24.
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 19:07:07 113805
Hmmmm, that's a stereotype, but I don't know for sure, it's not a demographic I or anybody else cares about. Active gays in a hetero marriage and a piece on the side mostly political nihilist with vatnik sympathies they use to like Putin, but stopped over the years. Too many failes. It's wildly believed in Russia that Putins core support group is middle age to elderly goverment workers.
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 19:07:49 113806
>is middle age to elderly goverment workers.
Female goverment workers. Which is a very large chunk of the population.
China owns russian ass # OP 21/03/23 Втр 16:02:08 113610 Ответ
image.png 355Кб, 770x513
Russians, how does it feel to know you are Chinese colony now?

Russia will vote like China's pet dog in all UN votes now. They will cancel all tariffs for Chinese products (goodbye "import replacement). And Russian mobiks will go die in waves in Taiwan to soften up defenses.

Russian natashkas will go to Shanghai to sell their virginity to sons of CCP members whilst Russian ivans will be working in factory to make steel for Chinese boss who is fucking his wife. How does it feel? Be honest.
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Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 14:14:56 113797
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 17:13:53 113800
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 17:14:51 113801
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 17:15:39 113802
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 18:54:58 113804
Why on Earth would you need to read WEBM-porn tread ?
It's just words, dude, doesn't make sense. Try again.
Posting porn I think is Ilegal, but not like anybody cares. Russian law enforcement is so lazy they don't bother by calles about real crime let alone seek out it in the internet.
Music thread Anonymous  12/01/21 Втр 18:01:46 73091 Ответ
grafik.png 1509Кб, 1024x1024
What kind of music do you listen to? What's your favorite genre(s), bands, composers, albums etc.?
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Anonymous  22/02/23 Срд 20:01:14 112436
image.png 1145Кб, 1200x800
музика за дебиле едиција
Anonymous  09/03/23 Чтв 20:40:23 113220
Anonymous  09/03/23 Чтв 20:41:12 113221
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 08:46:46 113784
Бібліотека - бі[...].mp4 2714Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:30
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 08:56:11 113785
ruukphonk.mp4 4367Кб, 576x576, 00:00:42
Как писать в бэ без русских проксей? Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 13:51:24 113746 Ответ
image.png 1366Кб, 1170x658
Как писать в бэ без русских проксей?
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Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 14:03:55 113748
Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 14:06:05 113749
Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 16:16:24 113761
92ae4f0cb036e60f.jpg 10Кб, 240x240
Can we say something nice
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 07:25:02 113776
Go fuck yourself, swiddy piggy...
I killed my Swedish grandfather, whem put rat poison to his beans soup, cause all swedes must dye!
Dat is goed?
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 08:28:56 113781
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgblAqw90Ms Hakai faggot. Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 14:10:36 113750 Ответ
947185A2-52C8-4[...].gif 394Кб, 319x368
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Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 15:39:59 113756
Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 15:41:04 113757
Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 16:13:37 113759
Gay thread for gay people, faggot.
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 01:52:55 113770
D0C5D984-81E1-4[...].jpeg 251Кб, 1024x745
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 08:16:39 113779
Cultural peaks Anonymous  22/01/23 Вск 17:05:54 110052 Ответ
Lesnik.mp4 2316Кб, 270x480, 00:00:25
1208017.jpg 91Кб, 900x600
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Anonymous  23/02/23 Чтв 16:40:12 112483
Anonymous  23/02/23 Чтв 20:11:56 112500
Anonymous  23/02/23 Чтв 23:17:23 112516
Anonymous  23/03/23 Чтв 20:38:43 113717
Fr5aSYWwAAkQ0u.jpg 97Кб, 750x922
Frqw4HRWAAA76Vw.jpg 155Кб, 1440x960
guterres2.png 666Кб, 519x932
guterres4.png 294Кб, 528x376
UN Secretary General new statue in Portugal for elevating a secular parish to municipality when he was Prime-Minister.
Anonymous  25/03/23 Суб 07:31:15 113778
Medvedev literally threatened relative of Catharina The Great. Missile strike to Haag is same as thr Anonymous  20/03/23 Пнд 21:01:36 113574 Ответ
princess-of-ora[...].jpg 140Кб, 1250x1667
Catherine-the-G[...].jpg 183Кб, 1200x800
Screenshot20230[...].png 149Кб, 720x1600
Medvedev literally threatened relative of Catharina The Great. Missile strike to Haag is same as threatening this princess.
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Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 16:13:35 113758
СкрепноеИзнасил[...].jpg 180Кб, 1275x988
WTF are you talking about?
Russia is a country in which orthodox christians are payed in prison to conduct homosexual rape on inmates.

And the best part - nobody in russia cares about that. This is normal for them.

pic related
Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 17:08:22 113762
Poles, Ukras and Balts are useful for translating and bringing the truth about the supposed "Russian World" and former goymmunism. Thank you for service.
Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 18:21:08 113766
>Lost Cause
This is pretty heavy term in english, I don't think it translates well on to russian politics.
He is not a pole. He is posting from Poland. I'm not even sure he is slavic considering his "slavnigger" comments. He is maybe tatar, I don't know honestly.
Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 18:26:03 113768
I would say jewish, but he wouldn't be in Poland then. His pic named in Russian btw. Ukranian is good pic too, but why he is shitting on slaves then ?
Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 22:37:13 113769
>Poles, Ukras and Balts are
Are fucking gleet.
Where is &#47;int FAP THREAD? Anonymous  18/10/19 Птн 09:12:02 61993 Ответ
1fcb415c7a9304b[...].mp4 10992Кб, 640x480, 00:02:17
Where is /int FAP THREAD?
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Anonymous  01/03/23 Срд 21:16:49 112847
>uncovered meat
Absolutely harem
Anonymous  10/03/23 Птн 00:06:21 113225
Anonymous  16/03/23 Чтв 12:46:47 113388
I like looking at ejaculating dicks.
Anonymous  18/03/23 Суб 15:33:07 113445
Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 16:14:49 113760
16370.jpg 410Кб, 984x689
test Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 01:32:11 113725 Ответ
file1.jpg 28Кб, 596x537
Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 13:06:55 113742
she cute
Vladimir Diamonds are a girls best friend Putin Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 09:11:43 113731 Ответ
putin.jpg 510Кб, 1000x1000
This fucking weak, emasculated little pidor faggot is more obsessed with jewelry and wearing high heels than most women. Let that sink in
Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 09:17:55 113732
Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 09:19:11 113733
Anonymous  24/03/23 Птн 09:20:33 113734
Do Russians know about Solomon Carter? Anonymous  14/03/23 Втр 07:53:59 113331 Ответ
1582056493595.jpg 3268Кб, 2988x5312
Do Russians know about Solomon Carter?
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22/03/23 Срд 23:16:38 113689
What is up with the 2014 hairstyle. Put your hair forward, curl it and stop using so much gel you soft chinned beta goblin
Anonymous  23/03/23 Чтв 13:56:00 113709
1450092779203.jpg 1447Кб, 1944x2592
Well Roy ain't getting any younger
Anonymous  23/03/23 Чтв 14:26:55 113710
1679570146996.jpg 129Кб, 638x851
How about this?
Anonymous  23/03/23 Чтв 20:33:09 113715
haircut won't save his soft pointy chin and paper lips lmao

just ldar OP
Anonymous  23/03/23 Чтв 20:36:00 113716
who is this? than celebrity?
Zelenskyy met Olga Buzova! Anonymous  21/03/23 Втр 14:09:47 113604 Ответ
Zelenskyy and B[...].mp4 20325Кб, 1080x1920, 00:00:27
Zelenskyy met Olga Buzova!
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Anonymous  21/03/23 Втр 16:12:41 113613
YoJI498iwuo.jpg 54Кб, 452x603
Stupid English nigger can't write in Armenian. Read that again.
21/03/23 Втр 16:19:50 113615
Stupid Putin cuck whose job is to scour dvach comments and try to pollute and dismiss valid discourse about how shitty special military operation is going.

Ruzzians really are a bunch of pathetic sad winter niggers.
Anonymous  21/03/23 Втр 16:20:41 113616
Anonymous  23/03/23 Чтв 10:22:05 113703
Anonymous  23/03/23 Чтв 20:19:13 113713
I would like to see your most beautiful historic photos of old city Tashkent in spring, preferably f Anonymous  21/03/23 Втр 09:10:28 113593 Ответ
su27fart.png 2493Кб, 1998x1944
I would like to see your most beautiful historic photos of old city Tashkent in spring, preferably from the late 80s, or just any pictures of Tashkent in spring. I will use it as a reference for my drawing
Thank you
Anonymous  23/03/23 Чтв 00:43:54 113694
Anonymous  23/03/23 Чтв 10:12:48 113700
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