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/intpol/ General Anonymous  28/12/23 Чтв 23:50:58 123465 1
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A thread related to discussing politics.

Russian/Ukrainian languages (these belong to /po), NSFW content and discrediting the armed forces of Russia are forbidden ITT, also refrain from posting this stuff elsewhere.
Anonymous  04/05/24 Суб 00:13:20 126037 2
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image.png 1354Кб, 1200x675
Georgian Prime Minister accused the US of twice supporting attempts to stage a revolution in the country in 2020-2023. They were carried out also through non-governmental organizations that were financed from external sources, Irakli Kobakhidze wrote in social network X: “If they had succeeded, a second front line would have been opened in Georgia”.
Text Source:

>they are not fighting
Oh yeah, I forgot that fighting solely for your ass and not fighting for the nation is also a fight. Sssorry

>Russia is not spending a ruble, a dollar, or any other currency on the war in Ukraine
Unlike Britain, Russia does not buy equipment, resources and machinery in other countries, but gets everything on the domestic market, leaving all the money at home. Moreover, unlike British military corporations, ALL military corporations in Russia are considered State Corporations (more than 51% of shares, up to 100% in them belongs to the Russian Federation), such as Concern Kalashnikov or Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) (the largest tank factory in the world, which has not only factories and dozens of laboratories, but also reverse-engineering laboratories to study the enemy's equipment, and even its own mines to extract raw materials). Russia does not spend any money on war, instead it buys raw materials, products and technologies from itself, creating a fast and powerful financial circle in the economy, which is also known to condition Russia's development. The only thing Russia loses is people.
Anonymous  04/05/24 Суб 01:08:49 126039 3
comidalixo.png 2037Кб, 1902x1214
A former Portuguese communist, former visitor to USSR says that Russians are starving - and pensioners, college students are trying to get food in garbage.
Anonymous  04/05/24 Суб 02:13:11 126041 4
>Russians are starving.
Yes, the Russians are starving. I remembered that it was a long time since I ate chicken from KFC or nuggets from Burger King, I should order now in the middle of the night (checkmate, Europeans), thank you for reminding.
Students and pensioners dig in the garbage in search of food. Well, it is true only that this happens to be isolated cases, but not mass (as the Communist tries to present this ideology to the PR) but it is not the pensioners' money, but the mentality of some individuals. But students just don’t know how to plan their expenses.
First things first:
In Russia, free education (pre-school, school, secondary, specialized secondary (college)) up to higher education. Higher education becomes free if the student has a good school and has passed all the exams well (either if he is from an orphanage, or a master of sports, or he has the status of a public figure, or the Russian Armed Forces, who served a certain number of years under contract, or part of the family of a veteran of the war with NATO and other categories of special citizens)All these people are also granted a university scholarship (This is usually small and is 15,000 per month, but if you live in a dorm, do not spend on booze and condoms, focusing on school, twice a week to hand out leaflets on the subway evenings, it is enough). Orphans also receive a free State apartment for the duration of their studies (the State pays for living in it, at least in 2013) and they have the largest scholarship corresponding to the median salary in Russia, After studying, they are given their house or apartment forever (but not in all regions, unfortunately, in some will have to stand in line and wait several years). People who went to crap school pay for their higher education. But in general in Russia, as well as in the US, Japan, Britain, China and other countries, it is customary for parents to support their children in education with money.
Pensioners: In Russia, pensioners' pensions are calculated from work experience, so if you were in the USSR or in Russia a bad boy and were constantly in prison, worked little or not at all (in the USSR, by the way, not to have a job was illegal)Your pension will correspond to the subsistence minimum, ensuring you don’t starve to death. More decent people, such as «labor veterans», employees of government departments and companies, scientists and other excavators and drivers, receive good pensions, corresponding to their merits in life and length of service, plus any allowances for disability and other characteristics of the pensioner, so the pension can reach up to 100 thousand rubles, but on average it is 40-45 for each, which is enough for a comfortable life, especially if it is a family of pensioners. Also, all pensioners have 100,500 different benefits, they have the right to buy food at a 30% discount in stores (including the campaign), medicines (some they can get free in the nearest clinic), they have privileges to pay for communal services of the apartment up to 50%. Also, all pensioners have a «personal servant» from the state (social worker, who is assigned to up to 10 families of pensioners), who goes to the store, goes to make a document for the pensioner, brings him FREE FOOD (day ration) from the state every day, carries out the cleaning of the apartment, accompanies them to hospitals and has intimate conversations with lonely old people. (Also, a pensioner cannot legally write on them any inheritance, if you suddenly wonder, lol)

Pensioners who dig in the trash (usually near supermarkets) do it for various reasons - for example, find super expensive deli sausage, by the way, it is not only pensioners, in Norway it is called "dumpster diving". https://vk.com/wall-28460520_154663
If a pensioner will press for pity by telling him how to eat nothing, then most likely he is lying for the reasons described above.
Again, everything depends on the person and his upbringing. The most unstable psyche of those who survived the Russian 1990s. Here my grandmother had a good pension, but still canned leftovers of bread - "For a rainy day". Things like the '90s are buried deep in the subconscious.
Anonymous  04/05/24 Суб 02:58:04 126042 5
What kind of English is that? )))0
Anonymous  04/05/24 Суб 03:09:49 126043 6
17147775712540.mp4 11987Кб, 640x480, 00:02:11
1604849464525.mp4 20232Кб, 634x480, 00:03:24
Okay, I won't post here anymore
Anonymous  04/05/24 Суб 03:18:53 126044 7
4cvM8MzNi-qVO7o[...].jpg 21Кб, 286x320
Anonymous  05/05/24 Вск 01:20:04 126058 8
I've met many many Baltic Russians and Baltic Balts through both work and recreation (sex) and my impression is you just fucking hate each others' guts and can't live together.
Anonymous  05/05/24 Вск 01:25:00 126059 9
Their English is better than some of the crap I see spewed up by my countrymen and is likely more grammatically correct than mine, however English grammar is a nympho and the natives can fuck that bitch sideways if we so choose, and it'll be right. Certainly, you can tell it was written by a Russophone, but so what?
Anonymous  05/05/24 Вск 02:56:24 126063 10
don't lie, dvachers don't have sex.
Anonymous  05/05/24 Вск 03:05:13 126064 11
image.png 445Кб, 611x465
you will never guess who pays an additional reward to a soldier (or platoon) from his personal fund for each abrams or leopard shot down
Anonymous  05/05/24 Вск 03:12:52 126065 12
image.png 761Кб, 890x656
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image.png 1940Кб, 1080x801
image.png 1366Кб, 1079x1126
Anonymous  05/05/24 Вск 03:17:27 126066 13
Anonymous  05/05/24 Вск 03:31:02 126067 14
image.png 1565Кб, 960x640
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image.png 3006Кб, 1920x1080

ok, here's a normal picture of him

what we have here:
- father of a large family of russian people is a definite plus
- biker tattoos are a definite disadvantage
- spends most of his acting salary on volunteer missions in which he personally (with his wife) participates and helps children in donbass - that's a plus
- has a unique acting charisma and amuses the crew by breaking the scenario in normie-TV-shows https://youtu.be/YY3aAiJP1MI
"winter, moscow suburbs, it's romantic, we can go to my house, but in advance I want to warn you that of all the entertainment at my house only dick."
- filmed this masterpiece, which is a plus https://youtu.be/TZCZ9DWCwuI
now, his character is revealed
Anonymous  05/05/24 Вск 03:35:32 126068 15
ah yes
he was a priest, but he was kicked out of the church for taking up acting
an actor and a priest are incompatible in the orthodox religion
Anonymous  05/05/24 Вск 06:55:24 126069 16
>an actor and a priest are incompatible in the orthodox religion
He made the right choice.
Being anything but surf is incompatible in the orthodox religion.
Anonymous  05/05/24 Вск 08:49:43 126070 17
17148295206281.jpg 3506Кб, 4032x3024
Anonymous  05/05/24 Вск 08:50:57 126071 18
17148295206110.jpg 5003Кб, 4032x3024
Anonymous  05/05/24 Вск 11:32:37 126075 19
2024-05-03 18-3[...].jpg 4203Кб, 4032x3024
Anonymous  05/05/24 Вск 12:39:37 126076 20
image.png 359Кб, 548x575
Anonymous  05/05/24 Вск 16:36:15 126079 21
Христос воскресе, фриендс.
Anonymous  05/05/24 Вск 16:42:36 126080 22
Заиста воскресе

(Moderator, it's Serbian)
Anonymous  05/05/24 Вск 17:41:35 126081 23
Anonymous  05/05/24 Вск 23:32:10 126083 24
>Serbian allowed
>Russian and Ukrainian not allowed
A loophole.
Anonymous  05/05/24 Вск 23:55:18 126085 25
g9672rx1xyc71.jpg 128Кб, 1280x960
TQCDRZUFGJF27CW[...].jpg 38Кб, 700x467
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 00:02:07 126086 26
You can buy loose black tea in supermarkets and brew it in a Turkish tea kettle or samovar. Personally the best tea for this is the rize black tea which you can buy off the internet or Turkish shops
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 00:13:34 126089 27
image.png 1934Кб, 900x1200
image.png 977Кб, 1280x720
image.png 2420Кб, 829x1124
image.png 2316Кб, 1280x853
We don't brew tea in a samovar, a samovar is basically a unique water kettle. I have three made back in the USSR, but they are all electric. The original samovar requires wood to burn, and a hussar boot to fan the fire. A real Imperial samovar looks just like the picture. The peasants had simpler samovars, the richer people had more refined and handmade ones.
>Personally the best tea for this is the rize black tea which you can buy off the internet or Turkish shops
Thank you for the recommendation.
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 00:14:21 126090 28
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 00:27:24 126092 29
You probably will be able to find the tea locally as well.
Quite interesting, I imagined that the Russians still used it, but an electric kettle is easier to use.
In Britain as the other brit showed you, we have tea bags and place them in boiled water then add milk. Brits rarely if never drink black tea by itself. Personally I prefer my tea with milk, you get a longer drink and it's more warming.
The people pictured are Dmitry Baksheev and Natalia Baksheeva. Dmitry left his phone and a road worker found it, opened it and saw he had pictures of severed limbs saved. He contacted the Police and they found some body parts that had been preserved or photographs (the picture I sent) where the body parts have been served as food.
I don't know if these stories are publicised in the media as propaganda against Russia, as if to imply Russians are unhinged and dangerous
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 00:35:06 126093 30
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 00:42:46 126094 31
>other brit
The more the better.
>electric kettle is easier to use
In fact, Russians do not differ much in everyday life from Europeans.
>Brits rarely if never drink black tea by itself. Personally I prefer my tea with milk, you get a longer drink and it's more warming.
We share common tastes here. I also like to drink it with lemon and lime honey. If Italy is the country of all kinds of cheese, Russia is the country of all kinds of honey.
It's a terrible story, it's strange that I haven't heard of it. In general, it's very strange how such creatures come together to form a family: a family of maniacs, a family of pedophiles, a family of thieves, there must be some microsocial transformation factor here, I don't believe that two random bastards, despite many factors such as distance, upbringing, social environment, find each other for a common black deed. One of them clearly influences the other by transforming personality.
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 00:54:26 126095 32
I think Russians are quite similar to Brits but I haven't met any in real life. It is not tea but we have a cold remedy here called a 'hot toddy' which is boiled water, lemon juice, whisky and honey.
When it comes to people forming families they tend to find people who are similar to them. There is a theory called the 'genetic similarity theory' which tries to explain this.
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 03:29:35 126096 33
oneofmostcheapr[...].mp4 12070Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:28
I've seen something similar to 3rd and 4th pics in some Madrilean spaniard youtuber living in Moscow video or imitates it.
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 10:32:15 126100 34
17149789952391.mp4 1211Кб, 464x848, 00:00:05
This is how to shit your pants in public. God save the queer, man!
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 12:09:03 126101 35
why all russian
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 14:37:03 126102 36
Slavic themed cafe he went to for content.
These samovars were practical everywhere from the aristocratic home, when living in the rural hinterland of the Russian Empire, when exploring the straits on sailing ships and expeditions to Siberia, when you need hot water and warmth in a makeshift tent sheltered from the wind, easy to heat and civilized to drink from a cup (pouring from a tap, not a ladle).
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 14:38:37 126103 37
Lol, it's like he's begging, "let me go please, enough of all this, I'm old now"
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 15:48:19 126105 38
image.png 127Кб, 685x486
Well I'm a tourist, not a dvacher. This is your chance though: even in the glorious invincible hyperculture that is the West, there's a palpable and growing sense of doom, and it's making everyone hornier, probably because of terminal investment. Thankfully, most people are barely fertile these days, so it doesn't matter.


As British as the Second Amendment.

It's too much of a faff when you drink 3-6 cups a day though.
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 16:57:27 126106 39
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 17:54:42 126107 40
image.png 325Кб, 598x775
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 19:06:01 126108 41
I typed 'Чеченская кухня' into pikabu and didn't get relevant results. Is my translation wrong?
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 20:02:33 126109 42
dinner.JPG 2467Кб, 3361x5041
Made Жижиг-галнаш with томатный берам (or however you spell it).
I have cooked this dinner many times before but this was the first time making the tomato sauce. I think too much oil went into the sauce, I usually only make the broth with garlic or sour cream sauce, however it was very nice.
I drank this dinner with broth, now I'm drinking something a little less halak ;)
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 21:28:33 126110 43
It's a scandalous social site for normies, everyone there is only interested in memes and scandals and personal stories.
This should be searched for on vk publics.
Well, take a picture next time, I'd be interested to see it.
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 21:41:04 126111 44
Thanks I'll check VK, I would have thought some recipes would be on pikabu but obvious there is none.
The picture I sent is of my dinner I made tonight, but if you are asking for a galnash with a stock and garlic sauce, I'll do one next week. I only have it once as week.
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 22:23:29 126112 45
Only if you're inspired to do so, everything should be extremely organic, no responsibilities. Obligations are the stress that ruins everything.
The funny thing is that Chechens of all genders sit there and talk to each other in Russian. Sometimes they even share recipes and troll the visiting Russians. https://vk.com/public49076009
>There is a theory called the 'genetic similarity theory' which tries to explain this.
Maybe genetics affects only indirectly, like intelligence depends on genetics. I'm a materialist.
>It is not tea
Are you trolling?:) In Russia, drinking tea with milk, honey and other things is the basis of tea drinking culture. The British Empire was not the only one who imported tea from India and China.
A complete (or is it?) list of what Russians put in black tea:
Herbal seasonings:
- Mint
- Melissa
- Lemongrass
- Chamomile
- Sage
- Rosemary

- Cinnamon
- Ginger
- Cloves
- Cardamom
- Nutmeg

Natural additives:
- Honey (for sweetness)
- Lemon (for sourness)
- Citrus zest (for flavor)
- Vanilla (for warmth)
- Berries (for a fruity flavor)

Unusual combinations:
- Basil and cinnamon
- Ginger and cardamom
- Mint and cloves
- Lemongrass and vanilla
- Rosemary and honey
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 22:40:34 126113 46
I think there may have been a 'lost in translation moment' hahaha
When I said 'It is not tea' I am referring to this section:
>we have a cold remedy here called a 'hot toddy' which is boiled water, lemon juice, whisky and honey.
This is not referring to tea, but a cold remedy. I mentioned this in reference to: 'we share common tastes here. I also like to drink it with lemon and lime honey'. The mention of lemon and lime honey reminded me of this drink so I decided to share the recipe as I thought Russians would not know what a 'hot toddy' was.
>The funny thing is that Chechens of all genders sit there and talk to each other in Russian. Sometimes they even share recipes and troll the visiting Russians. https://vk.com/public49076009
It is very interesting browsing foreign language social media
A dream of mine would be to visit all the major residential areas of Russia, ending in yakutia or the bearing straights, it is only a dream however
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 00:28:14 126120 47
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 01:45:25 126121 48
Screenshot 2024[...].png 8635Кб, 1920x10789
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 01:53:45 126122 49
this board has completely deteriorated, instead of normal posters 10 years ago, now there are dumb kids there, so we, including imaginary russian janny, stopped creating our general there
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 01:59:47 126123 50
by the intensity of the squealing in the ukromedia within 24 hours ukros should attack the сrimean bridge with everything they've got
and we'll see what happens itt :)
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 02:34:21 126125 51
image.png 2858Кб, 1417x735
>I think there may have been a 'lost in translation moment' hahaha
From the very beginning of the tea era in Russia, we, like you, brewed tea in classic cute teapots. In Russian traditions, including in the USSR, it was also customary to drink tea from a saucer (this tradition came to us together with Chinese tea from China).
>'hot toddy'
We also have a cold remedy, but we just call it “Vodka with Honey” because no water is used
The recipe is as follows:
- a glass of vodka; (meaning a Soviet cut glass of 250 ml)
- half a cup of honey (preferably lime or buckwheat);
- a teaspoon of cinnamon;
- a small cube of butter.

Although maybe it has a name in another part of the country. I am from Moscow (not the Dagestani who posted in this thread), and sometimes I am surprised how some things are called differently by people from distant Russian cities.
>A dream of mine would be to visit all the major residential areas of Russia, ending in yakutia or the bearing straights, it is only a dream however
Similarly, I was a fan of British media culture, I even had a best friend with whom we were fans, but then I came to the conclusion that I was not only a consumer, but also a content maker, that it was necessary to strengthen and expand modern Russian mediaculture, since my abilities and knowledge allow me to do this. The British mediacontent is a good reference, but the insufficient level of Russian cultural influence in the world does not suit me.
Does Britain have its own image boards? I have asked this question several times in /brit/ on 4chan, but no one has answered me.
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 02:42:52 126126 52
I once told a Belarusian that creating threads about advertising his country is a Pole-level cringe. Now this schizophrenic does it with the help of a VPN.
Kek. The destruction of federal infrastructure violates Russia's nuclear security doctrine. That is why the British advise leaving more than half of the Ukrainian regions.
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 02:44:26 126127 53
I just went to 4chan main page and I found this. I just wanted to read /mug/ general in /sp/ after Crystal Palace x Man U. Nowadays, I rarely go to 4chan. Alas when I came here in 2ch, it was on recommendation from some Russian in /pol/ during 2022 24th Feb happening initial days, I didn't go to 4chan /pol/ for 2 years due to vaccine schizo spam and other spam.

Don't know how is 4chan /pol/, /int/ and /sp/ like nowadays and I don't care plus I don't have the time to come back.
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 02:46:00 126128 54
>a Belarusian
The Belarusian
Because I'm sure it was him.
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 03:05:09 126129 55
photo5310143942[...].jpg 221Кб, 960x600
are you even interested in us? the funniest things on 2ch don't happen in this section, which is surprising because the link to internetional hangs right in front of three very popular sections
unlike 4chan anons, 2ch anons can join together in a giant troll (or justice-seeking) role and together they can disrupt elections in some city, some beauty contest (where the ugliest girl will be chosen), investigate some strange social anomaly, destroy the russian pornographic whore who was a slut before marriage and now promoting traditional values, hound a famous american rapper in his tweets, destroy a russian esportsman's career, and much more
this board is already being howled about on tv, anger reports, I'm surprised it hasn't been shut down already
of course this board from the outside seems to a foreigner a dull shit with a funny captcha, but it is literally a full-fledged Internet organization with its own culture of existence
traffic here is about ~100k unique {browser caches+IP+OS} everyday, which is about 1/3 of global 4chan traffic
no, we'll see
we've had two of them in /rus/

there aren't enough pictures in the thread, I'll add one
Total kek Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 03:22:04 126130 56
17149162567870.png 129Кб, 473x472
A US Army sergeant who beat and robbed a local resident has been detained in Vladivostok.

According to known information, the American met the woman on the Internet, after which he came to visit her in the city. The couple lived together for a while, but later the military man began beating and strangling his Russian cohabitant.

“As a result, he stole 200 thousand rubles and alcohol from her” - said the source of the edition.

On Monday, the White House said it was aware of the detention of a US citizen in Russia. The US presidential administration specified that the American arrived in Russia from South Korea.
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 03:22:51 126131 57
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 04:01:40 126133 58
>are you even interested in us?
Just compare the time google translating the catalog of your /po/ (i don't even delve into threads or 1000 post threads) or this pinned thread to following the event via twitter, TV news reports and biweekly commentary segment with TV 2 NAFO-tier opinion makers.
Plus it is mostly lurking and nothing ever happens in Portugal - news, etc.

Plus Russia is new to me or other Portuguese (except Portuguese communist cultists) because we don't what happens there. And I only visited 4chan since 2016, I didn't know that bots suposedly used to spam Givi and Motorola in 2014-5 or whatever was the Donbass.
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 04:37:24 126135 59
17149135055390.mp4 20169Кб, 640x360, 00:03:27
Z-trolls pelt Ukrainian M113 with underbarrel grenades for fun
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 04:46:57 126136 60
To understand at least the meaning of what is written you need to translate Dvach using a very strong neural network from the future, because the posts on it are written not only in super creative profanity, but also in the original slang. So it's really a waste of time.
(t. Not him)
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 10:17:52 126137 61
breakfast.JPG 8858Кб, 5984x3366
Gm steppe chads
Kalmyk tea and cheese
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 14:25:51 126138 62
17150782283720.mp4 1842Кб, 960x536, 00:00:28
Aaaand where DESTROYED BRIDGE? Putin's inauguration has already taken place.
- Henceforth, the interests and security of the people of Russia will be paramount;
- Russian citizens have confirmed the correctness of the country's course in the elections;
- Russia does not refuse to dialog with Western countries, the choice is theirs;
- Key priorities for Russia: people's preservation, preservation of age-old values and traditions;
- I would like to bow to our heroes, participants of the SMO, all those who fight for our Fatherland;
- Russia is ready for a dialog on security and strategic stability, but only as equals;
- Let us do our utmost to ensure that people who have proved their loyalty to the Fatherland by deeds take leading positions in state administration;
- We must remember the tragic cost of internal turmoil and upheaval, so the political system of the Russian Federation must be stable;
- Russia is confidently looking forward, its people are united and great;
- Russia holds the answer to the thousand-year history and ancestors who took inaccessible heights.
Putin concluded his inaugural speech with the words “together we will win”.

I'm fucking sick of this humanitarian bastard. It feels like we misunderstand this conflict, we want to see Russia as a relentless conqueror, when in fact it's some great martyr who is sacrificing himself for stability and preserving life on the planet. Do I like the latter option? No, I don't, because there are no direct Russian interests here, only indirect ones (preserving a just world order), but for some reason we do this job for everyone.
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 14:41:49 126139 63
17150801245900.webm 3719Кб, 640x480, 00:00:21
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 15:17:04 126140 64
untermensch.jpg 177Кб, 976x549
>- Let us do our utmost to ensure that people who have proved their loyalty to the Fatherland by deeds take leading positions in state administration;


>fuck the current elite, let's replace them with shit-coated muzhiks and fart-sniffing churkas from the muddiest izba in Central Asia, who were stupid enough to trade their lives for $3-5k/month

Very based, sure to lead to the birth of a strong, efficient Russian state.
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 15:37:14 126141 65
image.png 1502Кб, 800x800
image.png 3864Кб, 2048x1366
>fuck the current elite, let's replace them with $System.Shit-happens.Nation_tweak()

I don't think you're very smart
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 16:19:15 126142 66
You think money and power make you elite? It's your bloodline lad, or more practically, whatever vulva you burst forth from. Might be different in Russia with the post-class society, but it's the old ways here.
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 17:21:00 126144 67
17150315652530.mp4 13027Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:13
British mercena[...].mp4 19709Кб, 1280x720, 00:02:20
1714741603386321.jpg 162Кб, 1024x1024
The stupid thing is that you look at Russia like an infantile degenerate. Like Russia from BBC propaganda without trying to analyze it. For example, that anyone who fought in Ukraine can become a governor. In Russia, you cannot hold a government position if you do not have a higher education in a field that allows you to qualify for the position, and during mobilization people of all "classes" were drafted, not just cab drivers and janitors, there are teachers, engineers, there are even some famous actors there. Also you can't do it if you have dual citizenship (this applies to “churkas”).
We don't have such a backward class society as you have because the USSR destroyed it, that's why a beggar and a rich man can live on the same street and visit each other, and a person who has nothing can reach the heights by applying his abilities. Everyone here cares about your personal success story. Although I do not exclude that somewhere in Russia they can copy western fashion.

Of course on Streamble (or wherever you sit there) they only show ugly village skoofs and their failures because that's the theme of the Russophobes there, but sitting there, buddy, you're missing 90% of the content of this war about young and handsome guys shooting British “mercenaries” in the heads or cutting them down in first-person hand-to-hand combat.
The reason he made that point is that for 30 years Russia has been westernized, and accordingly elites with western thinking, western orientation, citizenship of “fancy countries” and so on have been formed, this has led Russia into dependency and inefficient development, and now Putin has made it clear that they need to be abolished by a more efficient and patriotic alternative, because the Westernization of society without benefit is destructive progress.
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 17:26:41 126145 68
>ecause the Westernization of society without benefit is destructive progress.
I'll make a correction: if there's no benefit from the West.
>destructive progress.
A reference to the “negative progress” meme.
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 19:58:10 126146 69
uzbeki.JPG 8426Кб, 5984x3366
I had Uzbeki Plov tonight.
Tasty as always.
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 20:13:31 126147 70
This looks delicious, I like the whole head of garlic in the pilaf, which gets very soft after cooking. What kind of meat did you use for the pilaf?
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 20:14:20 126148 71
5d1c503ba380b6b[...].jpg 63Кб, 720x405
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 20:17:18 126149 72
I used chicken legs as that is what I had saved in my freezer.
Plov is one of my favourite dinners to cook, I always have left-overs so I reheat them and have them for lunch over several days.
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 20:29:54 126150 73
It's not bad, but I recommend fresh lamb, it's the original recipe.

Yeah, it's an improved version of Facebook. There's a lot of crap on there. There are two main social networks in Russia: Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte.
There you can listen to music(with ads every n-tracks) until you buy premium.
Is this some sort of auction of rare items?
I wonder if you have a Russian friend who tells you how to search the Ru-net?
>Do many Russians known about this?
Never even heard of it, but in the late 80's to early 2000's, Russian society was in economic and social decline due to the bankruptcy of the USSR, there were many different sects, organized crime groups, fake research institutes with fake scientists who sold their “experimental pendulums for energy purification (proven by science)”. Sorry if I disappoint you, but I am not a fan of isotericism, as I said, I am a materialist, although I have lived (and fought) with such a person most of my life, so I am not without understanding of his kind.
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 20:32:02 126151 74
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 20:40:30 126152 75
>It's not bad, but I recommend fresh lamb, it's the original recipe.
I have used Lamb and Beef before to cook this dinner, whatever I used, it always comes out great.
>Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte
ok.ru is easier to stream movies from ;)
Both services I have found host rare media content not usually found in the western internet and so they are very useful.
I have found websites like meshok through independent research, maybe it's a bit strange but I find great enjoyment in discovering such sites.
Such sects like the Ashram Shambala are always cons, they are made by weirdos to gain power over others and make money from them
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 21:05:58 126153 76
Interesting post ;)
Ok. Well...
How do you plan to overcome sanctions? (payment, delivery)
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 21:20:19 126154 77
one way or another it's good to have you with us
it's boring without foreigners, the world would be a pale shit if you didn't exist=)
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 21:21:25 126155 78
17151022221733.mp4 4485Кб, 480x360, 00:01:54
what's your opinion on that video?
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 21:22:50 126156 79
I think I first found Night Watch/Ночной Дозор on ok.ru as well as other foreign language movies not easily discoverable, so it holds a special place in my heart :D
It might have been available on torrent or some live streaming service but I used ok.ru and vk first
>How do you plan to overcome sanctions? (payment, delivery)
It seems unlikely in the first place that anyone would send anything to the UK but you never know, it depends on the person. I doubt sanctions would get in the way
I would like to try some Russian brand vodka though... probably can't buy that on there
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 23:14:55 126159 80
I'm afraid you have fines for torrent downloads there because of the open DHT table, so I never recommend torrenting to foreigners. Although an Indian from the US told me that he just doesn't pay and doesn't care, haha. I wonder if he's behind bars now or not?
>It seems unlikely in the first place that anyone would send anything to the UK but you never know, it depends on the person. I doubt sanctions would get in the way
Every year, of course, the number of opportunities shrinks and in the future we will probably be cut off from each other altogether.
>I would like to try some Russian brand vodka though... probably can't buy that on there
I never realized what the vodka tasted like, because it was disgusting. Although some bottles say “purified with milk”, “purified with charcoal” and other heresy, vodka always has a consistently pungent, disgusting flavor. We hear a lot about beer connoisseurship clubs, but haven't found any vodka connoisseurship clubs, lol.

I for one appreciate people who can cook, that's a big plus to your social karma:)
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 23:20:23 126160 81
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 23:26:17 126161 82
image.png 147Кб, 719x503
>63 users
I like it if there are 4-5 people, you can have a normal discussion about the movie, but otherwise it's a noisy kindergarten
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 23:28:25 126162 83
Anonymous  07/05/24 Втр 23:30:46 126163 84
image.png 698Кб, 1234x476
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 12:24:23 126170 85
80991551BAACAgI[...].mp4 10180Кб, 480x878, 00:01:00
80991551BAACAgI[...].mp4 8492Кб, 480x878, 00:00:31
Shit, I thought he was black, lmao
>We met in South Korea on a street bordering a U.S. base
Natasha is such a hunter, a lioness, a predator
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 12:54:53 126171 86
Ah yes, an internal revolution in the middle of wartime, that's a great idea that's sure to work out just wonderfully. What next, wasting manpower and resources on an industrial-scale genocide? Allying with Italy? It's like you actually believe this is anything more than a slap-fight between international oligarchs who are pooing their pants over their slice of the pie starting to shrink as Mother Nature starts to return fire. No passing bells for those who die as cattle!
Belgorod-Kun  08/05/24 Срд 14:15:03 126173 87
пук (94).mp4 15529Кб, 960x540, 00:02:07
"In Belgorod region, a migrant raped the Alabai of the family he worked for

The owner of dog noticed bleeding and semen discharge from his dog's anus and checked the surveillance footage. What he saw killed him."
Belgorod-Kun  08/05/24 Срд 14:26:29 126174 88
I heard he stole something else from the store along the way
But it has no serious sacred significance, unless you wear a military uniform and honor the flag to which that uniform belongs
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 15:00:38 126176 89
17151186600990.mp4 11277Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:30
minus one
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 16:11:20 126181 90
Liga Dos Último[...].mp4 8692Кб, 640x480, 00:00:52
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 16:11:41 126182 91
17151726911090.mp4 9084Кб, 640x360, 00:00:53
The Germans' headache in 1941
The only copy left
Does anyone like airplanes?
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 16:21:42 126183 92
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 16:53:42 126185 93
scr.png 364Кб, 1024x768
The Telegraph - https://archive.is/xniMf
AstraZeneca withdrawing Covid vaccine worldwide
Company says decision is purely commercial as jab has been superseded by alternatives
>The vaccine can no longer be used in the European Union after the company voluntarily withdrew its “marketing authorisation”. The application to withdraw the vaccine was made on March 5 and came into effect on Tuesday.
>Similar applications will be made in the coming months in the UK and in other countries that had approved the vaccine, known as Vaxzevria.

The decision to withdraw it brings to an end the use of the jab, which was heralded by Boris Johnson as a “triumph for British science” and credited with saving more than six million lives.
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 16:57:16 126186 94
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 17:30:34 126187 95
image.png 419Кб, 848x473
Vaccinated with Sputnik-V and Sputnik-Lite, flight is normal.

Speaking of vaccines. Have you been vaccinated with what vaccine?

Without vaccination you can't get a job in Russia ^_^
The applicant needs a special certificate.
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 17:33:21 126188 96
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 18:46:32 126192 97
i think he's right, the reporter just doesn't understand what real “fun” is
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 18:47:47 126193 98
image (18).png 137Кб, 316x316
17151672854920.mp4 6896Кб, 1280x520, 00:00:18
also it was fun at tivach yesterday=)
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 19:57:03 126194 99
image.png 1281Кб, 900x506
image.png 38Кб, 583x237
It's winter in Moscow again -_-
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 21:49:57 126198 100
image.png 413Кб, 389x588
image.png 552Кб, 480x724
>>123465 (OP)
On the left is the only photo of Nikolai Gogol. On the right is the only photo of Alexander Pushkin. They were best friends, by the way. Gogol fell into a lethargic sleep when he lived in Moscow, as a result of which he was buried alive due to the ignorance of others about this fact. After the coffin was opened, the corpse was found in an unnatural pose. Pushkin was the grandson of an Ethiopian “slave” who was given to Peter the Great by Russian soldiers who found a small slave in a Swedish camp after defeating the Swedes at the Battle of Poltava in 1709. Peter the Great gave him the name Ibrahim Hannibal and brought him up as his son, giving him the best education. Under Peter, he became one of the best military engineers, made many innovations in the engineering forces, reaching the rank of general-ansheff, and was also one of the best provincial administrators (governor of Estland (now the Baltics). After the death of Peter I, in 1742, he was elevated to hereditary nobility by Empress Elizabeth. He was also granted a coat of arms reflecting his African origin. The writer Pushkin himself was in frequent conflicts with the Emperor Nikolai I Romanov because of his liberal criticism of the latter, for which he was sent into two exiles as punishment, as all his works before publication the Emperor read personally, so that there was not written what should not be written.

Pushkin died in a duel with a Frenchman for NATASHA's honor. Although other sources claim that the Frenchman Dantes and his adoptive father (Dutchman) spread ridiculous rumors about the adventures of his Natasha to troll the groom.

Exile was a punishment in the Russian Empire for political criminals. Convicts were sent to remote areas such as Siberia or the Caucasus. The conditions of exile were harsh and the climate was harsh. Exile was also used for colonization and development of new territories, and convicts were often used for forced labor. At the same time, exiles in remote settlements usually lived in private homes and had to report their whereabouts to the imperial police every time. The exiles were abolished by the Communists in 1917. To create a prototype of the Gulag labour camp system, called "SLON," in one year HAHAHAHA
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 22:36:47 126200 101
17142235632012.png 343Кб, 734x604
>Ты опять начинаешь, чубатроннн ёбаннный? Офнись плеасе...
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 23:28:58 126223 102
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 23:30:01 126224 103
Anonymous  09/05/24 Чтв 01:22:35 126238 104
Janssen (the 1 dose vaccine), Moderna and 2023 - Pfizer
Anonymous  09/05/24 Чтв 11:39:19 126240 105
Don't you have people forced to vaccinate when a new mutation strain comes out?

Also, sorry for the local clown who raids our discussions in Russian.
Anonymous  09/05/24 Чтв 18:52:03 126245 106
none forced anyone to vaccinate.

They forced more to wear the mask even on streets (even the then-biggest opposition party went further (went full retard) that even managed the govt to approve the temporal extension of measure) in the initial year of the pandemic than forcing people to vaxx. Imagine in clear empty streets, you had to wear the mask. Plus those regional government in Portuguese archipelagos - Azores - and Madeira where Cristiano Ronaldo was born - went even further retard and enforcing quarantine against Portuguese Constitution to newly arrivals to the islands.

Plus when the vaccines arrived, you could still go to restaurants without vaccine. Or just 1) have the digital certificate with QR code - that you made 1.a) lab analysis by PCR or 1.b) recently recovering from Covid or 2) do one of those self rapid tests with sticks before you enter the restaurant.

The only obligatory vaccines here are against Tetanus and Diphteria. But in extreme cause, they could even enforce obligatory Covid-19 vaccine, it would still be approved in parliament and no party/coalition back then had absolute majority.

There was a Schwabian-tier proposal to force the installation of some background - mobile app bloatware that used RAM and bluetooth to track Covid users and stay away from them but it was too much controversial and never reached the Parliament. Of course with BT on, it sucked battery from mobile devices
Anonymous  09/05/24 Чтв 23:14:31 126246 107
17152782178080.mp4 2180Кб, 640x352, 00:00:24
Anonymous  09/05/24 Чтв 23:22:25 126247 108
photo2024-05-09[...].jpg 780Кб, 1280x960
17152731817771.mp4 9790Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:25
image.png 280Кб, 817x374
image.png 1476Кб, 1124x637
Anonymous  10/05/24 Птн 00:01:28 126248 109
trubin.png 223Кб, 1191x544
benficuck.png 31Кб, 884x309
avatar171731704[...].png 16Кб, 120x118
slb.png 334Кб, 971x841
Anonymous  10/05/24 Птн 00:12:49 126249 110
image.png 8872Кб, 2560x1920
image.png 1145Кб, 960x565
Happy independence day, glory to all the heroes that fought for our side.
Anonymous  10/05/24 Птн 00:14:01 126250 111
image.png 518Кб, 477x525
Anonymous  10/05/24 Птн 01:08:11 126251 112
photo2024-05-07[...].jpg 302Кб, 1280x787
IMG5894 (1).mp4 10498Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:28
Anonymous  10/05/24 Птн 01:09:10 126252 113
(failed attempt to escape to romania)
Anonymous  10/05/24 Птн 01:19:27 126253 114
thank you, brother
cool, but rather an exception to the rule, for some reason usually the russian army does not close the cauldron, but allows ukrainian soldiers to get out of it, probably to minimize resistance and losses on both sides
what a shitty and nasty enemy the hohols are
the shittiest enemy in history, it is easy to defeat them, it is possible to wipe out this nation of faggots in two weeks, but it is impossible for various purely humanitarian and kinship (for many families in russia) reasons
they are considered tough, supposedly because they are strong and brave, fighting against the mighty and powerful mordor, but they are not, in fact they are just lucky, and their luck is that they are mixed relatives of russians, so they don't get even 1\10 of the total fucking and lethal weapons they deserve
russia would be happy to show itself 100%, but this would cause a lot of internal tension in russian society
t. half-hohol
Anonymous  10/05/24 Птн 02:06:09 126254 115
fucked up. Until the last Ukranian goy.
back in same topic of escape from ukraine, /po/'s 2 days or 1 day ago about Ukrainian trying swimming a river was relatively good. I only did non-federated swimming until 10th grade and summer Atlantic beach, still don't know have the ability to cross the river (without regular clothes obviously). even Maybe with Swimfins/ Ласты (дайвинг) like someone suggested in the thread
Anonymous  10/05/24 Птн 03:34:39 126255 116
2024-05-08020446.png 719Кб, 648x1162
2024-05-08020558.png 385Кб, 643x931
yeah, swimming is for fags, that's why cool kids like us can't swim)0
i'm always catching news from ukrainian tg groups about someone trying to swim across a river and getting killed
i just don't save it anymore because it's become so commonplace
Anonymous  10/05/24 Птн 18:13:46 126258 117
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 00:11:10 126260 118
01d6da64234f3c0[...].webm 6136Кб, 480x360, 00:26:15
Can you post here with AV1 codec ?
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 00:58:51 126261 119
You can't imagine the cool things local anons do here armed with ffmpeg, like dynamically extending webm resolution to create fun media
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 11:05:34 126263 120
17152479978170.webm 2952Кб, 720x960, 00:00:30
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 11:11:53 126264 121
image (22).png 4672Кб, 1920x2438
HzMUHFLLQM.jpg 487Кб, 1080x1017
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 11:14:35 126265 122
171536272245627[...].webm 4019Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:32
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 12:03:39 126266 123
коп добил.webm 372Кб, 426x240, 00:00:14
копы стредяют з[...].webm 9736Кб, 960x540, 00:01:07
копы пиздят инв[...].webm 2769Кб, 720x480, 00:00:15
коп валит типа [...].webm 4259Кб, 480x360, 00:03:54
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 12:11:54 126267 124
image.png 1050Кб, 865x800
Russia launched an offensive on Kharkov - White House
There's all-out fighting all along the border

Official 2chNews by Abu:
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 12:21:15 126268 125
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 13:51:05 126269 126
I think if Live.Leak still existed - Russia and Ukraine could surpass temporarily Brazil videos.
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 14:00:25 126270 127
17152395417671.mp4 8182Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:45
It's one thing to have a war - it's another to have cops on the rampage in "civilized" countries.
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 14:14:28 126271 128
Another thing is cops doing nothing and let 144 die at hands of 4 manlet Adidas users. It is better to let them rampage.
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 14:17:16 126272 129
image.png 1811Кб, 1280x576
image.png 829Кб, 1280x871
Someone in the Russian Armed Forces needs to take a semiotics course, because you done fucked up the design of Gungnir and people who care about such things are quite irate. It's a very bad omen.
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 14:27:02 126273 130
17153323368520.jpg 1442Кб, 1717x1856
Done fucked up the design of Gungnir?
What? We just made him better. We're the armed forces of the Russian Federation, not Disney. Lol
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 14:56:24 126274 131
image.png 494Кб, 860x600
Where? Where are those 70 people?

Are the Hohols starting to suspect something?
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 15:22:44 126275 132
A population that fills a coffin with a corpse with Coca-Cola, a happy meal, lego (if it isn't Photoshop or GIMP) shouldn't have the minimum IQ to suspect something. And forget: if President Putin says Ukrainians are Russians, if I were Russian I wouldn't be proud of that.

Plus that is probably some diversional maneuver. But a good move from Russian Armed Forces.
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 15:31:28 126276 133
image.png 115Кб, 375x360
It's been objectively simplified, so it looks like a waffle. It's an amusingly appropriate choice though: doesn't matter who throws Gungnir, it always hits its target. Odin also killed himself with it.
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 15:40:03 126277 134
1243681original.jpg 277Кб, 1609x711
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 15:50:03 126278 135
The local Belgorodian will be thrilled
The picture is from yesterday, today the Russian Armed Forces have occupied a bunch of villages and micro-towns on the border and continue to squeeze out the Ukrainians. Although, I don't think they will take Kharkiv, it's more about a sanitary zone for Belgorod.

A new tactical sign has been discovered on the military equipment of the Russian Armed Forces. It is used by the "North" grouping in the zone of the special military operation (SMO). The said units are conducting offensive operations in the Kharkov direction.

When Ukrainians draw Star Wars clones on official Ukrainian chevrons, for some reason it doesn't make anyone angry. Nobody cares.
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 15:54:05 126279 136
In Hungarian, Russia is called "Oroszország", which literally translates as the Land of the Vikings. Did you know that?
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 15:56:11 126280 137
That's Google's way of correcting grammatical errors in words, kek. No Google, it's not a mistake.
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 16:04:17 126281 138
ukrainianfunera[...].mp4 10989Кб, 1920x800, 00:00:38
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 16:06:01 126282 139
Hungarian from 4chan confirmed. Interesting
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 16:20:35 126283 140
image.png 597Кб, 600x450
Haha, do you get triggered by their funerals too? In runet Ukrainian funerals are schizome and called Blinokatchka (literally "Pancakepumping") because of the mangled words in the Ukrainian funeral song.
Mass push-ups? Covering the deceased's body with Snickers? Tumbling and twirling around the body? Christmas tree on the deceased's forehead? These are all Ukrainian funerals. By the way, in defense of "Russian" hohols, I will say that this type of funeral is common only in western Ukraine.

Although, truth be told, I'm not in favor of the association theory with them. Russia is a distinctive nation. It's just a fact, even our ancient gods were very different.
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 16:30:39 126284 141
Russian in Brit[...].webm 2597Кб, 854x480, 00:00:11
Today I found out that this is a Russian guy named Sergei, he used to have a channel on YouTube where he filmed traveling to different countries (then the truth disappeared somewhere). The video was made 10 years ago.
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 18:29:49 126285 142
17154305410611.mp4 13395Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:33
17154305412042.mp4 20142Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:53
Donetsk now.
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 18:30:27 126286 143
17154305412923.mp4 8118Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:21
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 18:33:35 126287 144
Концентрированн[...].jpg 211Кб, 1166x768
Where are the War Crimes Prosecutors?
Or are they different things?
So many questions and so few answers...
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 18:41:54 126288 145
9-.jpg 79Кб, 459x512
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 18:43:56 126289 146
17154305919261 [...].png 1414Кб, 1500x1225
17154305919342 [...].png 901Кб, 774x715
17154305919513 [...].png 1995Кб, 1758x2000
17154305919180 [...].png 316Кб, 750x666
Nevertheless, I agree with the Brit, you could have gotten East Slavic signs. They're cooler.
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 20:24:47 126291 147
image.png 541Кб, 800x400
image.png 732Кб, 800x400
image.png 1952Кб, 1280x960
AFRF chose what they could see best on the ground to accomplish the task. All other arguments on this topic are of no serious value
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 22:48:43 126292 148
1715453329698973.png 1101Кб, 1258x1090
34fuulz.jpeg 31Кб, 504x503
somehow firefox beta translator works simultaneously. but will check out /pol/, /mu/ and /int/ in 4chan
Anonymous  11/05/24 Суб 23:04:13 126293 149
1713633334905f.mp4 6070Кб, 762x468, 00:00:54
1713633913885w.mp4 7145Кб, 768x568, 00:00:55
beeteewee, we have own, homegrown technology
on the video, yandex speech technology and their neural network for retelling videos with key points (you can also use retelling+translation at the same time), there is also a neuro-search in addition to the standard yandex search and a couple of other interesting things, like yandex alice (neuro-assist) - all of this is useful for learning and self-learning
although I don't know if it's available to foreigners or not
firefox btw, steals cool stuff from yandex all the time, like “screen in screen”, youtube mini window, for example, while you're reading 2ch
Anonymous  12/05/24 Вск 00:24:41 126294 150
Do you even get paid for this?
Belgorod-kun  12/05/24 Вск 14:13:39 126295 151
крыша.mp4 2189Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:07
17154484646490.mp4 4171Кб, 704x1280, 00:00:08
photo2024-05-11[...].jpg 565Кб, 960x1280
@ru2ch (3).mp4 487Кб, 352x640, 00:00:05
Belgorod yesterday/today.
I decided to go with the contract. It's time to cut off the pig ears
Belgorod-kun  12/05/24 Вск 14:15:08 126296 152
17154470149163.mp4 3919Кб, 480x480, 00:00:16
@ru2ch (2).mp4 3596Кб, 480x480, 00:00:30
@ru2ch (5).mp4 3291Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:08
17154484647424.jpg 464Кб, 1280x772
Anonymous  12/05/24 Вск 16:26:16 126297 153
image.png 1972Кб, 960x1280
image.png 2663Кб, 960x1280
image.png 2063Кб, 960x1280
image.png 2807Кб, 960x1280
A kitty cat was found at the site of a collapsed entranceway in Belgorod, local volunteers are looking for its owners

Have the injured people been pulled out of the rubble yet?
Anonymous  12/05/24 Вск 16:32:08 126298 154
photo2024-05-12[...].jpg 164Кб, 750x810
The missile launch on Belgorod was tentatively carried out by the AFU from the Kazachaya Lopani area in Kharkov Region, TASS reported citing security agencies.

In Belgorod for the second time declared an air alert. It is possible that the Ukrainian military will try to hit the area where rescue work is underway.

Anonymous  12/05/24 Вск 16:43:00 126299 155
HappyMEAL2.jpg 157Кб, 985x934
Anonymous  12/05/24 Вск 18:20:13 126300 156
image.png 4199Кб, 1740x1236
if it's any consolation, Belgorodbro...
Anonymous  12/05/24 Вск 19:58:44 126301 157
image.png 791Кб, 1280x734
Translated by me
Anonymous  12/05/24 Вск 19:59:51 126302 158
image.png 156Кб, 859x452
Anonymous  12/05/24 Вск 20:47:08 126304 159
Have you even been paid for your hard work, mate?
Anonymous  12/05/24 Вск 20:49:26 126305 160
No, when is there going to be a normal captcha? I'm getting tired of it.
Anonymous  12/05/24 Вск 20:50:20 126306 161
12121212.mp4 5627Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:16
12211221.mp4 2014Кб, 560x848, 00:00:09
12122112.mp4 405Кб, 448x640, 00:00:04
Anonymous  13/05/24 Пнд 01:46:23 126308 162
Liberaddon.png 315Кб, 512x470
I did the photoshop in AliveColors 9.2.

Russian photoshop replacement for Linux.
Anonymous  13/05/24 Пнд 01:50:52 126309 163
image.png 421Кб, 512x470
Battle for Kharkiv region: Russian army advances, taking control of more and more settlements
- The analytical resource DS, which works for the Main Directorate of Intelligence (Ukraine), reports on the dangerous situation of the AFU in the Kharkiv region.
- Liptsy area: Russians have actually occupied the settlements of Morokhovets-Oleynikovo-Zelenoye and continue their movement towards Liptsy village. Active battles continue for Lukyantsi, which they have almost completely occupied. The Russians are trying to gain a foothold in Hlubokoye, advancing with infantry, but the constant fire of the AFU makes it much more difficult to move, although, unfortunately, this does not stop them.
- Volchansk area: the enemy continues to get closer to Volchansk, consolidating in the vicinity for further entry into the city. The AFU is making efforts to contain the pressure. The city is under heavy fire, evacuation is underway. There were numerous reports of the Russian occupation of the village of Dacha, but the information is being clarified. The fighting continues.
- Today the “Muscovites” are concentrating on attempts to consolidate on the existing borders for further advancement. The AFU's fire makes movement more difficult, the Russians are regrouping in some places and are focusing more attention on shelling AFU positions in populated areas, using the opportunity to bring in additional reserves.

Anonymous  13/05/24 Пнд 17:47:41 126312 164
image.png 2749Кб, 1280x1024
image.png 2931Кб, 1024x1280
Anonymous  13/05/24 Пнд 21:58:55 126313 165
17156247224330.mp4 10817Кб, 1280x480, 00:01:13
Anonymous  13/05/24 Пнд 22:11:42 126314 166
is this a https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neoprene swim suits that Russians talked about?
man, only Ukrainian retards would allow that stuff in 2024 - now every Russian troll, propagandist would spam the poor guy corpse and his mother forever - even after this "special operation" just to bait/troll Ukrainians. specially since he was part of that Mariupol tiktok unit" considered terrorist in Russia that is literally boogeyman for Russians, Russophiles not counting the neonazi symbol (wiki says wolfsangel-like symbol (N with a line in middle).
Anonymous  14/05/24 Втр 00:25:41 126316 167
17156347364880.mp4 23450Кб, 640x480, 00:02:59
>Ukrainian funerals are funny
You do realize. This meme is impossible to undo. Foreigners encounter it for the first time, but Russians have known for centuries how much of a circus nation the Ukrainians are.
Anonymous  14/05/24 Втр 00:41:37 126317 168
image.png 1263Кб, 1025x1280
IMG3037.mp4 6206Кб, 960x1280, 00:00:19
Odessa resident Antonina Tokmakova told how a Millitary Office employee beat her with a crutch.

The girl published a video of a man in military uniform and with crutches attacking her.

The victim claims that she started filming the video during the detention of her boyfriend and was beaten with a crutch by one of the Millitary Office employees.
Anonymous  14/05/24 Втр 00:42:02 126318 169
Anonymous  14/05/24 Втр 00:46:17 126319 170
17156282706060.mp4 14533Кб, 854x480, 00:01:13
Anonymous  14/05/24 Втр 01:40:42 126320 171
17156373697710.mp4 3959Кб, 432x244, 00:00:36
Anonymous  14/05/24 Втр 12:46:11 126321 172
мигр2.mp4 4531Кб, 360x640, 00:02:17
лондон1.mp4 5937Кб, 464x848, 00:00:29
Anonymous  14/05/24 Втр 14:12:24 126322 173
2Jeremy-Kyle.webp 63Кб, 1200x900
Western piggers, just demonstrate your fucking mouth now?
Anonymous  14/05/24 Втр 16:49:55 126323 174
IMG202405141641[...].jpg 179Кб, 1280x1213
Anonymous  14/05/24 Втр 17:12:11 126324 175
Faggot, I told you not to post that picture because I sometimes eat when I read bwach. Fuck you in the mouth.
Anonymous  14/05/24 Втр 18:35:20 126325 176
изображение.png 1411Кб, 1200x900
What's the reason of your shivering, fucking mammal?
Anonymous  14/05/24 Втр 21:32:38 126327 177
Captura de ecrã[...].png 948Кб, 1920x1080
Anonymous  15/05/24 Срд 11:06:19 126329 178
image.png 467Кб, 610x457
image.png 1692Кб, 1200x675
image.png 1077Кб, 1024x576
image.png 643Кб, 1024x576
National Representative Lilia Lemoine became the first Secretary of the Commission on Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies, after this appointment to the post her video published in January 2019 went viral.

In the video, she spreads conspiracy theories that have no scientific basis. Thus, Lemoine talks about the flat Earth theory, the fact that man has not reached the moon, and that Antarctica is a wall of ice around a flat Earth, according to the publication Chequeado.

Anonymous  16/05/24 Чтв 02:42:09 126341 179
16628312351860.mp4 1127Кб, 480x448, 00:00:12
Anonymous  16/05/24 Чтв 14:45:33 126349 180
17158592182110.mp4 11039Кб, 480x800, 00:01:30
17158080723661.mp4 5856Кб, 336x640, 00:01:05
Anonymous  16/05/24 Чтв 19:51:04 126353 181
IMG202405161747[...].jpg 3827Кб, 3888x5184

Well, I was mid-mouthful of dinner, but since you're so insistent...
ESL-Pro  16/05/24 Чтв 23:52:03 126354 182

Anonymous  17/05/24 Птн 01:49:24 126355 183
image.png 1101Кб, 1024x640
Do any of you bastards feel old?
Anonymous  17/05/24 Птн 03:37:06 126359 184
witchesrussia.mp4 13467Кб, 1920x1080, 00:00:46
Anonymous  17/05/24 Птн 08:59:31 126374 185
Have never seen the cunt with teeth before, disgusting.
Анек  17/05/24 Птн 09:17:13 126375 186
Anonymous  17/05/24 Птн 10:32:12 126376 187
17106043256850.mp4 11745Кб, 352x288, 00:02:23
Yes, yes, freak shows with creepy personalities are popular in Russia. Russian Federal TV is literally Peter the Great's kuntz-camera.
Specifically you have an entertaining lightshow with trolling themes for some people over 50. There's "worse". To a foreigner, of course, it seems that Russians seriously, without irony believe this, but Russians watch such shows to laugh or experience other strange emotions from funny goofballs.
Anonymous  17/05/24 Птн 11:03:14 126377 188
дом 2 драка кеф[...].webm 19417Кб, 1280x720, 00:02:27
Anonymous  17/05/24 Птн 15:43:02 126378 189
Anonymous  17/05/24 Птн 15:45:08 126379 190
There are a lot of Kharkov citizens in the comments, everyone is waiting for Russia
Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 00:44:58 126382 191
Kharkov was one of the rebellious cities in 2013-2014 whose uprising was crushed by the Ukrainian army. Good morning.
Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 00:47:18 126383 192
GameofThronesst[...].png 219Кб, 640x480
Moderator, how about we create a fixed General detached from politics and dedicated to culture and fun?
Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 01:41:16 126386 193
and a some kind of tutorial to bypass cyrilic captcha without installing bloatware, spyware.
Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 06:54:29 126389 194
Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 06:58:46 126390 195
106878527-16202[...].jpg 45Кб, 765x764
Nobody wants a fucking culture and no fun allowed!
Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 09:42:53 126393 196
You've been sitting here for years. Just buy a passcode already.
You'll be able to upload 8 photos of Portugal's beaches here at maximum MB limits instead of 4.
Shut up. At least you'll get banned there, you lowlife.
Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 09:45:29 126394 197
image.png 53Кб, 692x600
image.png 113Кб, 1168x524
image.png 106Кб, 642x396
Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 10:40:43 126395 198
image.png 158Кб, 600x435
Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 16:23:26 126397 199
I made cabbage kvass
Afraid me
Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 20:47:34 126400 200
c99ce7ca052c20d[...].mp4 2997Кб, 352x640, 00:00:33
71c6e8a7c6d8f58[...].mp4 4003Кб, 352x624, 00:00:44
7d77b73dfe200fb[...].mp4 5746Кб, 464x848, 00:00:31
00b651068aea5a1[...].mp4 6470Кб, 352x640, 00:01:11
Today, new mobilization rules have started to take effect in Ukraine. Since the morning, the cities have been deserted - representatives of the military office are looking for men wherever they can. Military commissars and police officers are actively hunting for people who have gone to work.

All courier deliveries have stopped, men have stopped going to stores, near which military detachments are now on duty.

18/05/24 Суб 21:15:46 126401 201

Sorry fellas, I can't help you with captcha or whatsoever. And no more other generals required: just make another thread and discuss it there with no problem.
Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 21:22:05 126402 202
We just want the same General but without /pol/, one with /pol/, one without /pol/, both infinite.
/colony/ has ceased to fulfill its function and turned into trash, the information from it can be moved to the section header, and /intgeneral/ can be made instead.

This need is necessitated by the specifics of the conversations, when there is a lampooning of tea discussion that is interrupted by frantic videos and news with destruction it's not very cool.

Also the /colony/ function can be transferred to pastebin or other service allowing volunteer interaction (so that users themselves add links to other boards).
Just as a reasonable idea.
Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 21:26:33 126403 203
Although, if it increases the burden on the moderator to check the thread posts for the rule, then don't.
Anonymous  19/05/24 Вск 00:21:41 126404 204
Russia strong
Anonymous  19/05/24 Вск 00:30:43 126405 205
Anonymous  19/05/24 Вск 08:30:30 126408 206
Anonymous  19/05/24 Вск 15:44:12 126409 207
That beard has been smeared over more cunts than you've seen with your own eyes, I reckon.

There are maybe 10 people who post, a second general would slow things to a crawl. Vox populi, vox dei after all.
Anonymous  19/05/24 Вск 17:03:08 126412 208
Okay, as soon as I'm free irl, I'll do an experiment here on this subject.
Anonymous  19/05/24 Вск 18:32:51 126413 209
17161246413500.mp4 9910Кб, 1280x704, 00:00:34
Ukrainian attempts to build fortifications on the approaches to Kharkov
Anonymous  20/05/24 Пнд 00:47:08 126416 210
image.png 13Кб, 398x153
u5l9rv.webm 30009Кб, 720x720, 00:03:38
They call us "2chan" :D
Anonymous  20/05/24 Пнд 13:19:07 126417 211
image.png 2064Кб, 1280x1024
drowning as a sport
another day another drower
it seems to me that not only evaders but also people undesirable for the authorities or bandits drown in the tisza {border river with romania}
there are too many drownings
Anonymous  21/05/24 Втр 02:48:45 126428 212
image.png 724Кб, 728x546
Former Boeing executive John Barnett, who publicly highlighted safety problems with the company's new airliners, has been found dead after testifying for several days.

Police have determined it was a suicide. A common coincidence, as with the past two whistleblowers.

He had previously publicly stated that Boeing employees, under pressure from management, were forced to install substandard parts on airplanes being produced to prevent delays on the production line.


Anonymous  21/05/24 Втр 11:48:48 126431 213
1000017532.mp4 14422Кб, 1080x1920, 00:00:59
Anonymous  21/05/24 Втр 19:34:53 126433 214
image.png 1576Кб, 1280x960
image (37).png 692Кб, 900x1200
It's all understandable. When is picreels coming to the consumer market?
21/05/24 Втр 23:22:36 126434 215
I'm working at MCST(Elbrus CPUs). Short answer is never.
Anonymous  21/05/24 Втр 23:57:59 126435 216
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 00:13:20 126436 217
17163255060880.mp4 2822Кб, 852x480, 00:00:19
photo2024-05-21[...].jpg 510Кб, 960x960
17163255061543.mp4 7930Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:21
In Tyumen city (Russia), a girl was almost killed by a pole that fell on her car. But there is good news: she was called to marry

The accident occurred on Maurice Thorez Street when a truck transporting a stall hit a cable, causing two poles to collapse. One of them literally pierced the “Lada” of 23-year-old Regina. “Lucky I was driving alone,” said the girl who was on her way to pass her diploma.

The shocked girl called her boyfriend, and he decided not to delay and made her an offer right at the scene of the accident. The young people are already planning a wedding.

22/05/24 Срд 00:18:19 126437 218
I'm not lying dude. We even ran Doom with ray tracing on 7900xtx and e8c2(8 cores). There is even a dude, who's only purpose is porting and compiling games.
22/05/24 Срд 00:21:59 126438 219
This article is old as shit, there's no news about elbrus in recent years, cause we can't produce CPUs now. Many employees are quitting and going to other companies like Yadro(Syntacore)
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 00:56:32 126441 220
That's confidential corporate information that you could be sued for. Obviously that anon is right, you're a liar.
22/05/24 Срд 01:00:29 126442 221
Nah, first of all that's not how it works here in Russia. Also i don't care much, they don't pay me high enough
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 02:08:01 126443 222
Take a picture of the portion of the MCST pass that the employee wears around his or her neck.
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 02:27:16 126444 223
>t. Comrade FSB Colonel Ivan Ivanovitch
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 03:28:11 126445 224
Stop imitating Russians via VPN. It's not funny. Being Russian is not funny.
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 09:22:09 126447 225
#test flag
22/05/24 Срд 13:24:36 126448 226
There's no such thing here. I have blank card as a pass.
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 14:59:06 126449 227
17159679801381.png 254Кб, 579x478
This circus is no longer as fun as it was in the beginning. You need to try harder.
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 18:54:42 126450 228
>This article is old as shit
>mid 2022
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 18:56:28 126451 229
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 19:02:02 126452 230
image.png 706Кб, 1000x500
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 20:10:33 126454 231
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 21:28:29 126455 232
photo2024-05-09[...].jpg 652Кб, 960x1280
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 21:32:05 126456 233
17163955732950.mp4 27659Кб, 1280x656, 00:01:13
image.png 12Кб, 1316x99
There's a dude on 4chan resenting why the Russians don't show own FPV-killcams. I'm banned there (because I'm a bully) and can't reply. That's too bad. I would.
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 21:38:56 126458 234
пук (110).mp4 2919Кб, 960x960, 00:00:09
photo5364152993[...].jpg 363Кб, 1287x1920
Crime and Punishment.
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 21:44:56 126459 235
17163981485592.webm 2965Кб, 704x1280, 00:00:24
You could have asked janny for a porn thread, but you asked for this, silly boy =)
Anonymous  22/05/24 Срд 23:57:48 126460 236
there are special sections for people like you, just hover over it with your mouse and make 1 click
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 00:07:17 126461 237
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 00:49:46 126463 238
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 00:58:34 126464 239
he\she\they bashkir, not russian
of course russian but bashkir, u know
no difference between “russkiy” and “rossian” in english
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 01:08:45 126465 240
17148790219460.jpg 310Кб, 959x1280
Useless post
Patriotism for Russia has no gender or race, remember this useful post
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 01:14:19 126466 241
16990926033370.png 6861Кб, 2560x1707
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 01:19:46 126467 242
171620086038977[...].jpg 826Кб, 1280x960
Glad you turned out to be savvy
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 01:37:00 126469 243
1710584344480.mp4 36433Кб, 640x480, 00:01:01
Why do the Natashas like to travel so much?
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 12:30:56 126479 244
1709508344165.mp4 964Кб, 450x360, 00:00:19
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 12:36:53 126480 245
image.png 1755Кб, 1500x1000
image.png 1637Кб, 1000x749
75689.jpg 1017Кб, 1439x1919
image.png 2031Кб, 1280x767
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 13:19:24 126481 246
What? Natasha shot down Storm Shadow with a big gun and then took a photo with both Storm Shadow and the big gun shell?
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 13:21:09 126482 247
I don't understand puzzles
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 13:34:06 126483 248
16897086446511.png 669Кб, 1198x1088
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 16:04:54 126485 249
image.png 3402Кб, 1920x1080

>Russia's border guard removed more than 20 buoys demarcating shipping lanes from the Narva River on Thursday (May 23), Estonia's PPA said. The government is seeking clarification.

Is the Baltic Sea a NATO lake? Are the pribalts scared little bitches or true Aryan inheritors of the Waffen-SS? Can 200+ hours of Squad actually teach anyone small arms tactics or the layout of Narva? Well we'll soon find out as it's all to play for in this decade's edition of GENERAL EUROPEAN WAR!
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 16:58:12 126486 250
image.png 147Кб, 1237x398
Are you sure this news outlet can be trusted?
The most read news in my country right now looks like this:
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 17:02:14 126487 251
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 17:13:02 126488 252
image.png 2452Кб, 1920x892
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 17:40:54 126489 253
17164682501830.mp4 7434Кб, 816x1440, 00:00:22
In fact, I have met more supporters of Russia under the American flag on the internet than opponents. As a rule they are people whose text looks intellectually developed and you can really have a good conversation with them, while the opponents' text is soyjaks\killclips and aggressive primitive trolling with stupidity.

Every time I cite Reuters as a source, I'm told it's some sort of blog by various authors that you can shit all you want into. OK, let's say the little Nazis are being trolled by taking away the lake, although I don't think that's a significant action that will lead to war.

Also, in case you're wondering, Russia has a law on media fakes, every media outlet is obliged to verify the source of information, even if they are reprinting another outlet. So Yellow Press in Russia is something from the wild 90s.

Also, nice level design

BTW, the tension around Taiwan is starting to build there, it's worth starting to keep an eye out so you don't miss the most delicious stuff.
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 17:55:23 126490 254
Porn is easy to find on the internet, retard. Unlike foreigners who are ready to talk.
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 18:09:09 126491 255
image.png 563Кб, 850x919
>I have met more supporters of Russia under the American flag on the internet than opponents.

Do they support Russia itself, or the values Russia claims to represent, or the idea of multipolarity? I see a lot of the last two but few of the first one.

>I'm told it's some sort of blog
It's a news agency, like a journalism aggregator, the Canadian equivalent of TASS. The other big news agencies are AFP and AP, they're usually quite reliable.

>every media outlet is obliged to verify the source of information
How droll. It works on trust and sourcing here: print lies if you want, soon your audience will be coprophages and the clickthrough rate on the ads you run will increase. Wait a minute...

>tension around Taiwan is starting to build

Tripwire force established.
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 20:46:15 126495 256
image.png 2393Кб, 1200x914
image.png 6172Кб, 2048x1367
image.png 2163Кб, 1200x800
image.png 2523Кб, 1350x900
>Do they support Russia itself, or the values Russia claims to represent, or the idea of multipolarity? I see a lot of the last two but few of the first one.
Perhaps it depends on which places on the internet you visit according to your interests. I certainly don't visit reddit. Plus, there is this theoretical mechanism: 'personal experience', which can be opposite in truthfulness for each person and which is never reliable.

TASS is not an aggregator, but a full-fledged federal news agency existing at government expense, whose name translates from its Russian acronym as “Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union.” I was even inside there in the early 2000s. This massive building with thick walls in the style of “Soviet Constructivism” can withstand an aerial bombardment.

>Wait a minute...
Yes, I know that the basis of news media popularity in the West is reputation. Although average “everyday” people don't think that much about the reputation of the source of information. Which is what agencies like La Stampa take advantage of by taking photos of Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk and passing them off as the aftermath of Russian shelling of Ukraine. Here's a funny case:

We should probably prepare for the fact that microelectronics prices are likely to rise. Microelectronics is an instrument of hegemonic power. That's why the US managed to move the TSMC plant from Taiwan to the US in a few years. That's why they impose sanctions against anyone who tries to advance in microelectronics, such as China and Russia. This was the case even during the time of Boris Yeltsin.
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 20:57:44 126496 257
image.png 821Кб, 736x673
image.png 2778Кб, 1280x1280
image.png 1042Кб, 1024x682
image.png 489Кб, 450x635
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 20:58:59 126497 258
image.png 1814Кб, 900x1270
image.png 1292Кб, 900x638
image.png 1092Кб, 900x638
image.png 2500Кб, 900x1270
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 21:00:58 126498 259
image.png 1243Кб, 900x638
image.png 1701Кб, 900x1270
image.png 1213Кб, 900x638
image.png 622Кб, 450x635
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 22:15:34 126499 260
There's some news agency that still cooperates with RIA if this is too a Russian news agency, I think it is this one.
>Are you sure this news outlet can be trusted?
First, journalism isn't impartial. Here, in my country, obviously the journalist lobby, editors, news media company tries to merchandise that "journalism is impartial" due to get revenue to pay their wages, but it is fake and they are taught in their college course the other way around.

Secondly, at least, in Anglo-Saxon media, you can take account the political alignment to identify some bias. The press (including Portuguese) that follows French sucks at this and even editorial lines try to hide political alignment

Thirdly, there is legislation in Russian about "collective Western" stuff that I think you know better than I know like you said >>126489

Fourthly, countries that carry out external psyops - you should take account that they have the capacity to carry out psyops to internal populace (quell some unrest).

Fifthly, glowies infiltration passing as journalists; b) journalists fooled by glowies.
Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 12:05:46 126502 261
image.png 744Кб, 750x551
Good debriefing.
Major media outlets risk nothing when they quote government officials because they are the official source. Officials also have personal reputations, official duty, and the reputation of the country they represent - all of these things are connected. If Blinken says that the Russians failed to destroy a super-modern Patriot with a retarded hypersonic Kinzhal system, it will be true. If Peskov says that the Patriot could not physically destroy an object traveling at 10 times the speed of sound, and the Patriot itself was destroyed, that would also be true. The truth published in the media with reference to official sources.

>Fifthly, glowies infiltration passing as journalists; b) journalists fooled by glowies.
This role should logically go to the editor-in-chief or controlling shareholder. All articles go through the editor-in-chief's edits before publication, and the controlling shareholder (which can be another company) can change the editor-in-chief. The “another company” can also act as a grantor to the media outlet, thus controlling the media outlet's operations.

Emmm... Legislation?
The Collective West is an official political term used, including by some Western media, to describe a group of countries with a common political, economic and cultural identity. It is often used to refer to a set of countries united by common values, interests, and close cooperation in all spheres. The core of the Collective West is the United States, not only as the strongest nation, but also as the regulator of the Jamaican monetary system into which the economies of the Collective West are closely integrated. Collective West interests tend to be more prioritized over national interests. For example, Germany, which has suffered significant losses due to the destruction of the Nord Streams and the anti-Russian sanctions that have virtually destroyed its industry, is guided primarily by the interests of the Collective West.
Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 12:32:40 126503 262
image.png 2322Кб, 960x946
image.png 127Кб, 808x337
Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 14:17:41 126504 263
17165426234680.mp4 7618Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:20
VID202405241407[...].mp4 27602Кб, 1920x1080, 00:01:10
Before vs. After
Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 14:21:19 126505 264
17165483992860.mp4 4746Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:26
Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 15:26:30 126506 265
image.png 5201Кб, 1946x1359
Ah now the West is purely systemic/institutional, not cultural, to wit: France is Western and European, Russia is not Western but it is European, Japan is Western but it isn't European. See what I mean?

Bojo a failure? Hahahaha, hahaha, haha, ha. He is, in a completely non-hyperbolic sense, the most consequential British politician of the 21st century so far. If organised human life survives the next decade or so, he'll be back.
Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 21:18:10 126507 266
1705629132385732.jpg 322Кб, 768x1024
Yeah, some Irish journalist I don't know anything about.
Judging by the wall of every 10th Irish house from google maps, these guys want to rape and kill you for some reason(order doesn't matter). I haven't delved much into the subject of your historical confrontation yet, but the reason is probably a very good one.

Arabs, tranny and PRISM... Ah! I'm sorry! Freedom, democracy and equality, yea:) Also you completely forgot to mention Borelle's Garden;)
Russia's constitution, sacredly guarded by the constitutional court, contains some of the most liberal provisions that even Britain and the United States would envy, and the social institutions and government agencies differ little from those in Europe. Thus it is a strange argument.
Parliament in Russia is called the Federal Assembly, and the building in which they decide state issues is called the State Duma. Duma is literally from Russian for “thought process”. Thus Russia's form of government (republican form of government) is more progressive and liberal than a parliamentary monarchy with Aunt Fanny.

>not cultural
Wokeism is not part of the culture and core value of the Collective West? It is literally one of the connecting links of the collective West as a geopolitical structure.
As far as Japan and South Korea are concerned, the structure of the collective West has a hierarchy:
- Center for the Collective West. UNITED STATES. The top of the pyramid and the chief economic regulator. I don't know what sterling looks like, but I know what the dollar looks like.
- Equal allies. The likes of Britain, France, Canada, Germany can get equal or nearly equal slices of the pie with the US.
- Less significant allies. Such as Romania, Poland, New Zealand, Portugal, Bulgaria. They have a role in the economy, a strategic role in the military alliance, and generally cannot pursue independent policies.
- Situational allies: such as Pakistan, Turkey or Egypt. Countries that may receive some treaty benefits from the collective West, such as Pakistan supplying arms to Ukraine, receiving priority for investment in their economy.
- Forced allies: Japan, South Korea, and others. Japan is an occupied country that lost World War II, a country bound by numerous treaties, political and economic chains with the US. In addition, Japan has an unresolved territorial issue with Russia, which alone cannot resolve. South Korea, in turn, is facing China and North Korea and in need of a protectorate. In turn, South Korea (like Taiwan, like Hong Kong earlier) creates a springboard to pressure China.
- Blatantly puppet regimes. Countries like ECOWAS and Ukraine. These countries are not part of the Western world, but they are a basic element or tool of the “Collective West” structure. Niger is literally a colony of France, its role in the European economy is to supply cheap uranium at throwaway prices, while 80% of Nigerians have no access to electricity. In return, France has supported the narrow stratum of the family oligarchy that rules Nigeria both financially and with its military. When Victoria Nuland came to negotiate with the rebels (odd that it wasn't some French woman, eh?), what was the first point she announced? That's right: “if you don't release the president of Niger, Niger will lose Western investment.”

How did the U.S. forge and hold this power?
In short: as World War II was coming to an end, Europe needed to rebuild. While the USSR was rebuilding its area of influence through a planned economy, market economies needed finance and credit, which the US was happy to provide. Thus was born the Bretton Woods monetary system - most currencies were pegged to the US dollar at fixed rates. The dollar was in turn pegged to gold at $35 per troy ounce. The U.S., being a reserve currency country, could print money to finance lending to allies (through the IMF and World Bank, which it created for this purpose). Thus was born the credit bondage for Europe. This system existed until 1971 and was replaced by a more favorable system for the U.S., which owes its emergence to Charles de Gaulle, president of France, who, thanks to his political and economic genius and competence, managed to pay off all American debts of France in gold. The latter did not like it much in terms of benefits, so the Jamaican currency system appeared, which did not differ from the previous one, except that the dollar could not be exchanged (converted) for gold. By the way, this system exists to this day: the U.S. can print dollars to cover its own deficit, which leads to global inflation.

Russia has had an impressive influence on European culture and science, as Europe has on Russian culture and science, but still Europe and Asia are fictitious abstract designations for areas of land used also in the collective attitude of the countries located on these continents. Russia was indeed considered a European country for a long time, more than 70% of Russia's population lives in the European part, but in terms of its goals, cultural aspirations and philosophy, Russia is no longer Europe and Asia. It is its own unique part of land without its own name.
Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 21:29:02 126508 267
Auto-replacement kicked in.
Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 22:21:08 126509 268
image.png 394Кб, 1440x1200
>VK plans to shut down ICQ messenger from June 26
Gone is the era
Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 23:02:06 126510 269
0324RussiaCrocu[...].jpg 143Кб, 900x510
Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 23:07:32 126511 270
Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 23:09:35 126512 271
Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 23:15:21 126514 272
image.png 1354Кб, 1124x637
Ah, the crux of the “Russia uses buoys as a weapon against Estonia” problem is this:
The border between Estonia and Russia runs along the Narva River. Buoys are placed on the water instead of border posts. However, the river bed is a fickle thing. Therefore, every spring the buoys have to be reinstalled and corrected.
There used to be no problems: Estonians used to put buoys by agreement with Russia. But after the beginning of the "SMO" and "Russophobic statements" on behalf of Estonia, Russia stopped allowing Estonians to put buoys themselves.
The Estonians decided to do it anyway. Not a week later, Russian border guards came in boats and removed the Estonian buoys. Anyway, just a standart technical procedure.
Estonians were very offended. So much so that the head of their Foreign Ministry complained to Josep Borrel.
The latter called the buoy affair a new hybrid aggression and demanded that the buoys be returned. Lol.

eestoneean neews

Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 23:16:14 126515 273
You're weirder than usual today:)
Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 23:20:03 126516 274
video2024-05-24[...].mp4 5228Кб, 360x640, 00:00:21
video2024-05-24[...].mp4 8121Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:19
photo2024-05-24[...].jpg 854Кб, 721x1280
Odessa. Flags are set up in honor of the fallen soldiers of the great Ukraine.
Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 23:48:31 126517 275
The Indophiliacs or indomaniacs of Odessa in designated shitting roundabouts.
Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 00:06:11 126518 276
e9c398fdd8.mp4 11456Кб, 1080x1080, 00:00:57
Yes, it's very funny and ironic.
30 years is negligible for the existence of a state from the point of view of history. In 300 years historians will call this shit "The Age of Instability in Russia", and descendants of former adversaries will gather together for some mourning holiday like a cuckold "Day of Reconciliation" in Europe. That is, of course, if the Russian army manages to return the Ukrainian territories to Russia within 299 years.

Btw, Hunter Biden's company (Son of Big Joe) is now the only monopolist in the funeral market of Ukraine, having absorbed more than 8 thousand companies. This is not even post-irony anymore, but tetrahedron-irony.
Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 00:37:44 126519 277
17148388578250.mp4 13007Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:39
Putin said he did not consider Zelensky to be a legitimate president, so there would be no negotiations.
“Reuters source from the Kremlin” can go fuck himself. Kek.


Earlier, Reuters reported that Moscow was allegedly ready for talks when the borders along the current frontline are fixed.

“This is not true,” Peskov denied the agency's report.

Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 00:42:13 126520 278
Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 11:54:46 126522 279
you can start checking the text before you send it
just a tip)
Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 12:25:11 126523 280
paycheks.jpg 257Кб, 1067x642
>Do they support Russia itself, or the values Russia claims to represent, or the idea of multipolarity?
i can indirectly confirm his words, many of the Americans with whom I have communicated in real life for 10 years believe that the American domination (the so-called unipolar world, formed after the CCCP collapsing) has not brought anything good to their lives
and there are enough of such people in the USA, enough for such ideologues of “right america” as Tucker Carlson to get enormous popularity and support
Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 12:28:33 126524 281
america needs competition to develop
unipolar state sooner or later falls into stagnation and begins to degenerate
we"ve been seeing this since the days of the Roman Empire
Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 19:50:48 126533 282
1708707370148.jpg 125Кб, 1200x675
Elbrus manufactures all its electronics except 8-core and 16-core processors at Micron, it's strange that such a successful specialist didn't know about it LMAO

t. employee of Baikal Electronics
Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 20:01:29 126534 283
image.png 250Кб, 1255x597
image.png 2354Кб, 1076x1385
Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 20:07:18 126535 284
15848170904090.png 160Кб, 436x359
>Now Russia does not have all this, but it has a great desire and a lot of money.
but no ten years to debug and develop the production line
you"re so smart......
Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 00:40:21 126540 285
Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 01:11:39 126541 286
For the love of Our Lord, don't ever push those things again.
Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 01:18:46 126542 287
I think people use activation keys and some retards buy keys. Customised ISOs by unknowns...
Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 01:44:56 126543 288
Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 02:10:26 126544 289
17151772479170.mp4 1164Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:18
In Russia there is a whole cult of manual Windows builds:
gamer builds with all libraries and drivers for games, Windows builds with optimization tweaks (saving 600MB of RAM wow!), Windows for weak PC, Windows without telemetry and Windows Guard, the minimum 400 mb version of Windows 10 capable of running from a flash drive, (and of course fucking builds from schoolchildren and young hackers) and so on and so forth. Hundreds of famous authors compete with each other for the hearts of fans of installing builds. Dozens of Russian-speaking youtubers make their reviews on builds (sometimes very sarcastic, sometimes very informative). Windows builds are a kind of imitation of Linux distributions.
>activation keys
Btw the KMS Activator source code is open on GitHub. You can compile this creation of the dusky Russian genius with Microsoft Visual Studio of your favorite version. If you don't trust the author.
Is there something similar to the winget package manager in Linux? I want to install, uninstall, patch and do other scary things with programs directly from the PowerShell Core console.

That's not a real ICST employee. Just like you.

Real employee of MultiClet Corporation (I get paid very little)
Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 02:13:18 126545 290
And of course I don't install Windows builds, but use original clean microsoft images, because I'm not a retard, kek

Real employee of MultiClet Corporation (I get paid very little)
Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 03:17:41 126547 291
Nearly 80 of Americans now consider fast food a luxury due to high prices Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 13:48:48 126554 292
image.png 368Кб, 960x684
image.png 2897Кб, 1440x823
- A recent nonprobability survey conducted by LendingTree found 78% of consumers now consider fast food to be a "luxury" purchase due to how expensive the meals have become.

- Half of those polled said they view fast food as a luxury because they’re struggling financially. This is especially true among Americans who make less than $30,000 a year (71%), parents with young children (58%), and Gen Zers (58%).

- Americans love their fast food, but a majority say they are pulling back on their consumption due to high prices. The findings show 3 out of 4 Americans typically eat fast food once a week, but 62% of respondents said they are eating it less frequently due to the cost.

Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 17:13:37 126555 293
1704996820704304.png 2046Кб, 1332x1184
Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 19:29:34 126558 294
gaz.jpg 162Кб, 475x655
Anonymous  26/05/24 Вск 22:30:01 126559 295
image.png 96Кб, 1035x388
image.png 197Кб, 639x431
image.png 614Кб, 575x603
And no kidding, how is that possible? the U.S. is a self-sufficient, self-reliant nation, right?
Anonymous  27/05/24 Пнд 00:58:09 126560 296
16942019655600-[...].mp4 2638Кб, 640x480, 00:00:14
Anonymous  27/05/24 Пнд 01:10:14 126561 297
17147662260371.mp4 4501Кб, 640x360, 00:00:57
16038187047180.mp4 238Кб, 288x360, 00:00:06
15269270030110.mp4 1855Кб, 360x360, 00:00:34
17150113063774.mp4 1030Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:15
Anonymous  27/05/24 Пнд 01:14:12 126562 298
17147664714820.mp4 699Кб, 480x852, 00:00:10
15918953432750.jpg 90Кб, 372x372
Anonymous  27/05/24 Пнд 02:31:22 126563 299
IMG2065.mp4 4039Кб, 640x640, 00:00:46
Children in the Orlyonok camp smashed doors and windows, broke sinks, scattered mattresses and destroyed mosquito nets. So the guys "celebrated" the last day before departure.

According to Mash, 13 and 14-year-olds came to the Bashkir camp from Belgorod under the state program. And for 19 days they behaved well - went on excursions, participated in competitions. But on the last - 20th - day something clicked in their heads. And anarchy began.

Chairs flying from the windows, cheerful tearing of nets and mess in the room from the category "to spite mom" - on the video. The camp declined to comment.

Belgorodbro what's going on?
Anonymous  27/05/24 Пнд 12:42:08 126565 300
image.png 452Кб, 674x536
“Allahu Akbar” was the campaign slogan in the UK local elections
Islamist candidates won local elections in the UK because they are in the majority. And the UK is not alone in this.

Anonymous  27/05/24 Пнд 22:37:40 126579 301
ClipboardImage.png 564Кб, 828x1035
Anonymous  27/05/24 Пнд 23:21:25 126580 302
Yeah, funny, now Russian liberals will write derogatory posts not only about Nvidia+Russia, but also about Nvidia+Germany.... although, no. They won't. BECAUSE IT'S DIFFERENT, WE JUST DON'T GET IT.
Anonymous  28/05/24 Втр 00:56:37 126582 303
i(28).jpg 74Кб, 604x567
Форум - Давайте[...].mp4 17571Кб, 654x480, 00:03:05
Where did all the non-Russian posters go?
Anonymous  28/05/24 Втр 01:41:11 126583 304
São bons rapazes e fizeram tudo corretamente: descobriram o covil dos ratos, rastreando-os para prevenir mais vítimas, a paralisia de recursos e a infraestrutura do FSB na luta contra os sabotadores ucranianos durante o 'chantagem terrorista dos países ocidentais', sobre o qual Vladimir Putin falou pouco antes do ocorrido. Agora, os porcos e seus aliados esconderam-se para não serem rotulados como 'estado terrorista' pela ONU. Sim, apesar de os 'funcionários de azul' e as 'mulheres de fato rigoroso' terem organizado a evacuação (o que provavelmente notaste numa série desses vídeos), muitas pessoas ainda assim sofreram, é uma tragédia para a Rússia, mas num país que está em estado de guerra por procuração com a NATO, um bloco cuja meta declarada é a 'derrota estratégica da Rússia' (literalmente: desintegração em colónias africanas - a chamada 'Rússia descolonizada') e a ameaça altamente provável de aniquilação nuclear do mundo, a forma de moralidade muda de uma doméstica para uma mais prática, para prevenir um massacre total e salvar muitas vidas. Nem imaginas em que perigo está o teu rabo neste momento, tontinho.
Anonymous  28/05/24 Втр 02:36:21 126584 305
Потерь нет.mp4 1356Кб, 320x568, 00:00:17
17168333885002.mp4 2472Кб, 640x640, 00:00:27
Anonymous  28/05/24 Втр 02:39:16 126585 306
168486089240356[...].webm 3895Кб, 854x480, 00:00:34
Belgorodian oldscool
Anonymous  28/05/24 Втр 11:18:41 126587 307