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major population of INDIA respect RUSSIA and RUSSIAN people? and that's a rare thing toward specific Anonymous  31/01/24 Срд 20:46:16 124034 1
image.png 2029Кб, 1920x1430
major population of INDIA respect RUSSIA and RUSSIAN people? and that's a rare thing toward specific country.
whats your view on this, brother. do you feel bad, good or neutral.
Anonymous  31/01/24 Срд 20:48:21 124035 2
>>124034 (OP)
>major population of INDIA respect RUSSIA and RUSSIAN people? and that's a rare thing toward specific country.
>whats your view on this, brother. do you feel bad, good or neutral
you are allowed to disrespect me on behalf of India , if you want to?
Anonymous  31/01/24 Срд 20:50:58 124036 3
Russia has been a longstanding and time-tested partner for India. Development of India-Russia relations has been a key pillar of India's foreign policy. Since the signing of “Declaration on the India-Russia Strategic Partnership” in October 2000 (during the visit of Russian President H.E. Mr.

India-Russia Relations - Ministry of External Affairs

Ministry of External Affairs>>124034 (OP)
Anonymous  31/01/24 Срд 20:57:20 124037 4
Send bobs and vagena
Anonymous  31/01/24 Срд 21:15:49 124038 5
>In addition, about 1,500 Afghan nationals of Indian origin live in Russia
Dear SIR, who are these?
Anonymous  31/01/24 Срд 23:05:30 124040 6
Anonymous  01/02/24 Чтв 09:32:34 124044 7
wait how do you know the definition of "bhai bhai"
Anonymous  01/02/24 Чтв 09:54:02 124045 8
origsdsZtonU.jpg 471Кб, 1494x1600
origxtxAo8KU.jpg 792Кб, 1613x2160
give me your vk id.i have a lot. around 63 files
Anonymous  01/02/24 Чтв 13:29:46 124048 9
Anonymous  02/02/24 Птн 14:56:45 124054 10
>>124034 (OP)
>major population of INDIA respect RUSSIA
What about captain population?
Anonymous  28/02/24 Срд 17:00:55 124401 11
Just cheap meat to fuck in GOA. That's it.
Anonymous  28/02/24 Срд 20:30:30 124403 12
>>124034 (OP)
Don't give a fuck about hindu monkey. You can scuk my dick, brownass faggot.
Anonymous  28/02/24 Срд 21:01:56 124405 13
>>124034 (OP)
Anonymous  29/02/24 Чтв 14:36:02 124414 14
16681767857780.jpg 21Кб, 224x224
Anonymous  13/04/24 Суб 18:46:03 125672 15
1712865795482w.mp4 3539Кб, 720x1280, 00:00:09
Anonymous  22/04/24 Пнд 12:13:02 125890 16
>>124034 (OP)
Hindi rusi bhai bhai!
Love yoga and Indian food. Also, every Indian I knew was a normal, down-to-earth, friendly person.
Anonymous  26/04/24 Птн 14:33:25 125929 17
>>124034 (OP)
hate indians. most russian know fuckall about you fellas. that's why they dont hate you
Anonymous  28/04/24 Вск 01:12:11 125952 18
Anonymous  29/04/24 Пнд 10:27:37 125959 19
>>124034 (OP)
>and that's a rare thing toward specific country.
Are Indians usually racist towards others or something?
Anonymous  14/05/24 Втр 19:21:52 126326 20
Anonymous  15/05/24 Срд 12:00:18 126330 21
>>124034 (OP)
You must abandon archaic kasta system and do something with poor uneducated people so I will respect
Anonymous  16/05/24 Чтв 03:39:43 126342 22
>>124034 (OP)
Russians don't think about India too much since you're pretty far away from us. Mostly people want you and China to patch things up and not end up on the western side during any conflict (though I suppose it'll depend on both you and China). Helping to avoid sanctions more like China is doing would make people like you a lot more too. Economically it would benefit us and the entire eastern hemisphere greatly if we could turn BRICS into something of actual value.
Anonymous  17/05/24 Птн 02:14:25 126357 23
Uberjeets1080p [...].mp4 2368Кб, 1920x1080, 00:01:46
Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 00:36:50 126381 24
It once occured to me that I've never seen an Indian porno.
I think Indians deserve some respect because of that.
Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 01:38:34 126385 25
>he broke chan like Arch Linux breaks every 6 hours
18/05/24 Суб 01:56:28 126387 26
Anonymous  23/05/24 Чтв 23:37:29 126500 27
y2mate.com - An[...].mp4 12425Кб, 1280x720, 00:02:52
>This song goes out to all the people abusing the report system all over the internet in telegram channels that mass report content that hurts their feelings.
>Stay mad. Reporting content critical of you doesn't change reality.
Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 07:08:30 126501 28
Anonymous  24/05/24 Птн 23:13:50 126513 29
a) Can Sikhs carry kirpans freely in Russia?
b) If so, can they carry them in subways?

ChatGPT gives a shit general answer.
Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 18:21:32 126532 30
Clean your river
Anonymous  25/05/24 Суб 22:25:42 126537 31
17166531232070.png 648Кб, 1781x4167
I like how Bharatians slowly but surely take over the Paki Island and Shartmartia and showing them their place.
Anonymous  15/06/24 Суб 21:21:25 126859 32
IMG4854 (1).png 1104Кб, 821x624
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