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Why are you not using Linux already? Anonymous  11/11/22 Птн 14:22:15 106441 1
image.png 121Кб, 421x500
Why are you not using Linux already?
theme name  11/11/22 Птн 14:30:07 106442 2
Because Loonix is a pajeet hacker OS, developed during the cold war for playing Tetris. Your CP has been stolen from your desktop folder titled "CP" and there is nothing the cops can do about it because Loonix is an illegal hacker OS that automatically sends all your data to 90 year old soviet spies.
Anonymous  12/11/22 Суб 11:47:06 106509 3
theme name  12/11/22 Суб 13:19:35 106515 4
Seriously though, recommend me a good Russian language Java book.
Anonymous  12/11/22 Суб 20:56:10 106553 5
Стикер 127Кб, 189x142
>>106441 (OP)
> Why are you not using Linux already?

1) Microsoft Office and other programs not ported for linux
2) Almost everyone uses Windows 10,11 instead linux
3) Hard install (example: Gentoo,LFS,Arch Linux)
13/11/22 Вск 01:43:03 106569 6
Caunter stryk?)))))))) Xaxaxa da
Anonymous  13/11/22 Вск 01:44:48 106570 7
13/11/22 Вск 13:48:12 106597 8
>>106441 (OP)
no equalizer is a dead end
also no programs to produce music on, and the fucking static sound :DDDD
Anonymous  13/11/22 Вск 18:36:10 106623 9
Anonymous  16/11/22 Срд 08:43:47 106757 10
Anonymous  16/11/22 Срд 08:56:19 106758 11
я газонюх
Anonymous  16/11/22 Срд 19:22:05 106780 12
Are there any real foreigners here besides me?
Anonymous  16/11/22 Срд 20:43:23 106781 13
Anonymous  16/11/22 Срд 20:55:52 106783 14
Anonymous  16/11/22 Срд 22:51:36 106787 15
Yes, I already know, you're rushit
Anonymous  17/11/22 Чтв 10:22:49 106807 16
Anonymous  17/11/22 Чтв 14:41:30 106819 17
Anonymous  17/11/22 Чтв 20:15:03 106826 18
16610041588270.mp4 5432Кб, 480x480, 00:00:40
Anonymous  17/11/22 Чтв 20:28:01 106827 19
16661888048880.jpg 432Кб, 1398x1052
i use harch
Anonymous  17/11/22 Чтв 21:59:02 106833 20
Anonymous  25/11/22 Птн 09:59:10 106998 21
im gay
Anonymous  12/03/23 Вск 11:36:51 113280 22
Anonymous  28/04/23 Птн 22:36:42 114560 23
>>106441 (OP)
We're already using. In Russia there are some really cool distributions, for instance, Astra Linux (official derivative of Debian, which is certified and being used by government structures), Alt Linux (independent RPM-based distro for all purposes), ROSA (desktop-oriented mandriva fork), etc. Also, there is ElbrusOS (linux distro for russian e2k CPU).

The biggest problem in spreading Russian gnu/linuxes is the fact that 95% of population is afraid of linuxes, recalling stories from sysadmins of 00's.
Anonymous  28/04/23 Птн 22:47:21 114561 24
> no eq
There is.

> no programs to produce music on
Working in Reaper, recording guitars, vocals, using synths, including Windows-only, such as AD2 and Labs (thanks to wine and yabridge). Also, in Windows I had to install drivers for audio card and my usb micro, while on Linux standard sound stack (ALSA) and JACK detected devices immediately after plugging them in. ЧЯДНТ?

>> 106553
1. MSOffice can be replaced with, for example, OnlyOffice, other programs — which? Also you can use wine/proton.
3. Taking distributions for at least not-newbies as example of installation of all linuxes is enchanting. In my experience, modern Windows installation is harder than installation of user-friendly distributions (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, Manjaro, openSUSE (ok, not so), Simply Linux/Alt Linux, etc)
Anonymous  29/04/23 Суб 01:04:16 114563 25
Anonymous  29/04/23 Суб 14:45:21 114569 26
im not gay
Anonymous  29/04/23 Суб 17:40:14 114573 27
Anonymous  29/04/23 Суб 23:48:22 114574 28
Anonymous  04/05/23 Чтв 00:53:32 114640 29
Anonymous  09/05/23 Втр 19:38:31 114687 30
изображение.png 658Кб, 1919x1079
Anonymous  09/05/23 Втр 21:56:29 114688 31
Anonymous  16/06/23 Птн 17:35:16 115653 32
screenshot1.png 1146Кб, 1891x1018
Anonymous  16/06/23 Птн 20:16:16 115656 33
IMG7213.webp 157Кб, 810x456
Anonymous  02/07/23 Вск 04:29:49 116599 34
image 2263Кб, 3000x4000
I already use linux uwu owo uшu
Anonymous  16/08/23 Срд 19:36:52 118297 35
>Hard install (example: Gentoo,LFS,Arch Linux)
Nigga, are you retard?
Use Mint or Ubuntu if you want easy installation, lol
Anonymous  16/08/23 Срд 19:46:27 118304 36
You remind me of this lead poisoned american boy i used to be friends with online
Anonymous  16/08/23 Срд 21:26:48 118433 37
1678883579261603.png 910Кб, 1080x1800
Anonymous  18/08/23 Птн 18:08:37 119090 38
Anonymous  18/08/23 Птн 18:26:49 119092 39
You have the same kinda hands and thighs
sage  18/08/23 Птн 19:29:37 119107 40
1664128044191-0.gif 467Кб, 854x600
>oh my science this is just like my heckin fallout games
we're in the bunker surviving the nukes
Anonymous  18/08/23 Птн 19:31:01 119109 41
Anonymous  08/09/23 Птн 12:31:22 120150 42
1) Use LaTeX or LibreOffice if you are normie
2) Who cares + Windows loses market share every year
3) Use just werks distros like Manjaro or Ubuntu if you are noob or don't care
Anonymous  13/09/23 Срд 07:24:34 120225 43
Linux as a desktop OS is a meme and a joke. I only run linux on servers and I developed remotely on said servers
Anonymous  13/09/23 Срд 07:39:33 120226 44
Honestly if you can browse the internet on it and you don't need any windows software and you don't care about having zero support from law enforcement for what you do with it then it's pretty good.
Anonymous  13/09/23 Срд 07:42:00 120227 45
Privacy and security on a computer is a waste of time.
Anonymous  14/09/23 Чтв 05:38:56 120243 46
no one has time to debug why a youtube video isn't playing.
Anonymous  27/09/23 Срд 05:06:45 120586 47
>no one has time to debug why a youtube video isn't playing.
You never used Linux, have you?
Anonymous  29/03/24 Птн 18:46:47 125268 48
Screenshot20240[...].png 611Кб, 1042x1006
Can you even use Windows in Russia right now?
I don't understand how you would pay extra for an OS controlled by a foreign adversary threatening to disable your nations computers, when all you use that fancy OS for is running a web browser, presumably Chrome or Firefox which are not even Windows native programs in the first place.
Anonymous  01/04/24 Пнд 15:25:07 125388 49
Distribution of Arch Linux distros is considered dissemination of LGBT terrorist propaganda in Russia
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 12:56:11 125397 50
image.png 556Кб, 1024x576
image.png 400Кб, 708x480
Denis Frolov, owner of Astra Linux developer has become a dollar billionaire

Russia becomes the centre of Linux development and significantly increases the share of this operating system in the world. This is a domino principle that will have a significant impact on the position of Winodws and MacOS in the world over the next 10 years.
Astra is actually the most secure OS in the world.
English wikipedia states that there is only the one used by special services, but in fact it has both special edition(hospitals, schools, police and so on) and community for home.
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 13:02:52 125398 51
>>106441 (OP)
Microsoft is as a hole shit as all your sanctions.
I still download their images via Powershell 7.4.1, lol
Anonymous  02/04/24 Втр 13:03:35 125399 52
Anonymous  06/04/24 Суб 21:12:32 125481 53
aru check beam.jpg 280Кб, 1153x861
>>106441 (OP)
I had great time using Fedora 35 Cinnamon on my shitty HP laptop with Athlon 3150U (I actually had no choice for some time because retards at HP did something that made Windows periodically freeze the whole computer, later it was fixed with a BIOS update). Wouldn't mind going back to Fedora but I'm too used to MusicBee as a music player and paint.net as an image editor, and none of the alternatives worked out for me.
Anonymous  06/04/24 Суб 21:16:52 125482 54
artix dev on tr[...].png 37Кб, 1339x240
Good thing there's a great alternative.
Anonymous  08/04/24 Пнд 21:58:26 125558 55
now gnu/linux easy to install and use. linux isn't difficult os. i use portproton for .exe files, tomorrow i want to change distribution manjaro to arch.

>Why are you not using Linux already?
i think the problem is computer ignorance of people, which don't feel comfort in use windows.

sorry for my english
Anonymous  09/04/24 Втр 01:14:15 125559 56
>sorry for my english
I'll never forgive you
Anonymous  09/04/24 Втр 09:22:36 125569 57
Anonymous  11/04/24 Чтв 00:16:54 125609 58
>the non-systemd schizo chuds from 4chan /g/ develop artix
Anonymous  18/04/24 Чтв 10:28:07 125794 59
>>106441 (OP)
i do. have installed linux about half of year ago. satisfied like an elephant
Anonymous  22/04/24 Пнд 12:09:36 125889 60
Anonymous  23/04/24 Втр 20:18:49 125911 61
17137364545980.mp4 3258Кб, 360x638, 00:00:35
Anonymous  04/05/24 Суб 12:48:33 126048 62
image.png 1117Кб, 1200x675
image.png 1948Кб, 1600x900
image.png 263Кб, 1280x768
image.png 871Кб, 1600x862
Which one? GNOME, KDE, MATE, Cinnamon, LXDE, Xfce?
The linux distributions have different interfaces.
Anonymous  06/05/24 Пнд 03:57:59 126098 63
All of them. Although GNOME seems a bit better than KDE.
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 01:35:43 126166 64
image.png 918Кб, 1600x900
No, it feels like you're sitting in Android.
What OS are you sitting on?
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 05:58:32 126168 65
dualboot1.png 570Кб, 1920x1080
You can customize and put Windows like themes, skins, icons or whatever. And use dual boot. This even recognizes Windows NTFS drives / partitions and mount them. Very good when you need to just to browse and don't have Win11 bloatware randomly sucking CPU and RAM.
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 13:54:43 126172 66
image.png 860Кб, 750x1000
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 15:16:29 126178 67
Sem título.png 185Кб, 978x852
microsoftukrain[...].png 178Кб, 906x980
microsoftukrain[...].png 818Кб, 1402x903
Anonymous  08/05/24 Срд 18:06:57 126190 68
17151798039980.mp4 3740Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:28
Anonymous  09/05/24 Чтв 14:42:48 126243 69
17152544215172.mp4 6035Кб, 360x360, 00:01:03
These shit are pretty self-explanatory
video (And don't tell me it's not)

macOS user
Anonymous  09/05/24 Чтв 18:13:29 126244 70
archtyan.jpg 586Кб, 3508x4960
Anonymous  15/05/24 Срд 13:06:13 126334 71
it's not Stallmanix, it's if Stallmanix would have windows problems (pro tip: they would be solveable)
Anonymous  15/05/24 Срд 13:12:43 126335 72
>>106441 (OP)
most people do not use it if they didn't tried it or were falsely advised by micro-shills to try anything but Mint-MATE

trying some shitty dump like arch instead
trying canonical, that works against itself since it got any popularity
trying gentoo (mostly advised as a joke), that's not for the basic 101 users

or anything along those lines
Anonymous  16/05/24 Чтв 13:39:52 126347 73
>>106441 (OP)
>y are you not using Linux already?
Why, using it rn
Anonymous  17/05/24 Птн 04:41:46 126360 74
yup, the best are community driven distros, not what Red Hat/IBM , Canonical or SUSE decides.
Anonymous  18/05/24 Суб 15:26:13 126396 75
Russophobic shit, like Microsoft
I installed a commercial distribution of the RED OS for myself and have no complaints. It is time for Russians to say goodbye to Western technologies not because they have become less available, but because a focus on their own technologies will give a very strong boost in the future in addition to the comfort that the Russian IT segment can give the user already now. Russia in such conditions will become the vanguard of technologies implemented in Linux in the future.

(t. other)
Anonymous  19/05/24 Вск 16:31:33 126411 76
it's not even about community or anything
Mint MATE just works well for the people, that's all

there were two large influxes of users
first one trough ubuntu, MS paid them so that they would ruin their interface, changing it to some sensor-display bullshit, that is not fit for desktop
second was trough Mint,
Mint wasn't affected, but MS started pushing Arch and similar non-user-friendly distros trough distrowatch and other channels
so people go on trying GNU OS Stallmanix, but they see that it's the exact shit they are expecting, with those expectationg given to them by Microsoft FUD-marketing team — that Stallman OS is same enormous shitpile of problems as Windows, but this time do it in a new strange way

logical solution to that is to advise people to use Mint, and to not use any other strange distro

like rn distrowatch is advertising some "MX Linux" as the most popular distro, made by lightweight LiveCD devs'
nobody would want their desktop to be run by a distro oriented to be a live-cd

well at least that's not Arch or Slackware
Anonymous  04/06/24 Втр 15:18:01 126691 77
182.png 1177Кб, 1080x1032
Anonymous  06/06/24 Чтв 00:51:52 126737 78
>and to not use any other strange distro
Gonna try Xubuntu instead of Linux Mint Xfce for an old laptop from 2009 in some partition of secondary disk - a HDD. The distro may be more updated than Linux Mint Xfce in terms of GNOME apps, if some exist in Xfce.
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