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WAR on TERROR Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 15:32:32 122414 1
sketch-16961454[...].jpg 147Кб, 1442x1080
The Supreme Court recognized the international LGBT movement as an extremist organization and banned it in Russia

Various signs and manifestations of extremist orientation have been identified in the activities of the movement in the Russian Federation, including the incitement of social and religious hatred, the lawsuit says.
The decision to ban the LGBT movement in Russia comes into force immediately, the court said.
Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 16:13:24 122415 2
So there are international terrorists in Russian Armed Forces and Russian prisons?
Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 17:53:43 122416 3
Fucking other men in the ass is not gay.
Being fucked in the ass b other men is gay.
Simple as.
Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 18:22:21 122418 4
It is not homosexuality that is banned, but the LGBT movement controlled by the Americans. And so it is possible to create an analog of the opposition with its own flags and philosophy, for example, the Russian Queer Union, and oppose RUF against LGBT, something like Shiites and Sunnis in Islam.
Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 18:22:57 122419 5
>Russian Queer Union
Russian Faggot Union
Anonymous  30/11/23 Чтв 20:00:21 122423 6
When will Portuguese gays realize that LGBT is not about homosexuality, it is about ideology regarding homosexuality. A form of describing homosexuality as a phenomenon, and usually biased and not always fair, using an anti-scientific or pseudo-scientific approach. In addition, there is a so-called "canon" in LGBT, as in any work of fiction, which is controlled by "rights holders" from the United States, that is, American LGBT organizations and the "social scientists" who are part of them, not Portuguese ones. All of this can be used as leverage against Portuguese society. Do you understand what I'm getting at? No one in Russia has banned homosexuality.
Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 00:26:51 122430 7
45848 - SoyBooru.jpg 227Кб, 938x541
>which is controlled by "rights holders" from the United States, that is, American LGBT organizations
Portuguese gays support more Russia in the Khazarian conflict like pic related and Hamas than Ukraine and Israel despite American NGOs and Dept. of State propaganda.

The realities are different from Russia where the scenario that you described may happen.
Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 02:45:15 122433 8
17005859481700.webm 4200Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:15
More like manipulation of the facts. Since there is no evidence that Portuguese gays are more supportive of Russia, where LGBT propaganda was previously banned.
Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 02:51:04 122434 9
The man in the video, by the way, is a member of parliament in St Petersburg, the most homosexual city in Russia. I doubt that Portuguese gays have not heard anything about him from their globohomo network.

Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 04:43:37 122438 10
1655133956132.png 42Кб, 427x400
He has a better accent than the average Slav. Weird. Glows brighter in the dark.
Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 05:16:50 122439 11
Because this is a very educated man, despite being an ugly freak. Maybe it's his role dictated by the FSB, we don't know.
Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 05:19:03 122440 12
image.png 887Кб, 927x682
God bless him in this holy war for which he enlisted as a volunteer.
Anonymous  01/12/23 Птн 18:38:24 122462 13
Мировой-майдан-[...].jpg 489Кб, 810x1100
Such laws are hidden hybrid repressions against the population.
Anonymous  06/12/23 Срд 00:47:58 122656 14
jewblackcocksor[...].png 33Кб, 207x181
Good decision
Anonymous  17/12/23 Вск 03:22:03 122990 15
>>122414 (OP)
So broomings and bottlings are now outlawed? What will the petukhs do now that they have no job?
This is clearly an attack on Russian kultur.
Anonymous  18/12/23 Пнд 12:12:02 123071 16
background-remo[...].gif 70Кб, 241x255
Anonymous  18/12/23 Пнд 12:13:33 123072 17
Dirty lumpen, you don't even know what communism is.
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